The apps every agent needs on their phone: Imogen Callister

With so many marketing technologies available to real estate agents in Australia, the number of apps designed to help you build your brand online can be overwhelming. Media coach Imogen Callister highlights the ones she believes work best.

It’s no secret that property seekers research before making a decision on an agent, so it’s essential you understand the top tools that can accelerate your brand in the online space.

It’s even more important to understand the ins and outs of the apps that can help you when you are on the go.

Let’s start by doing a health check on the current apps you are subscribed to.

Stop reading this article right now, grab your phone, and jump into your subscription settings.

It’s so common to buy apps and forget you are paying for them with minor credit card transactions.

If you don’t use it, stop paying for it.

Now, let’s download some essential apps.


My Business app – This will help you manage reviews and post current content for people to find when Googling you.

LinkedIn – Owned by Microsoft, so make sure your calendar and contacts are synced on your mobile app to get recommended connections and build your network.

Instagram – The second largest social media site in Australia, Instagram is a must-have.

It’s designed to post on the go, with easy-to-parse insights.

The most common mistake I see is agents not resizing photos correctly, so before you post, make sure you hit the resize button.

Facebook – The largest social media site. With the app you can stay up to date with your business page and personal page.


WhatsApp and Zoom

COVID-19 has accelerated the importance of video communication. To ensure smooth communication with your vendors, I recommend WhatsApp.

This will also allow you to see when your clients have read and received a message, and allow group chats seamlessly across Android, Apple and all other mobile devices.

Zoom is also a great way to do high-quality conference calls on the run, and has become a common platform for many.

It’s free to use, although the free version times out after 40 minutes for group chats.

Creator Studio app

A newly designed app from Facebook. With the Creator Studio app, you can:

• Publish and schedule content

• Access insights

• Manage and edit posts

• Respond to comments and messages

Integration with Instagram is coming soon, allowing you to manage both platforms from the one app.

Canva Design

Just listed a property, but stuck in traffic? No problem! Download the easy-to-use Canva Design app and make your listings stand out.

Ideally, you will have templates ready to go and designed on your desktop so they are easy to update from your mobile.

Add photos and text, trim videos, and animate posts on the go.


Want to take your story game to the next level? Mojo will make viewers think you’re a story master.

Simple and easy templates will allow you to create designs in seconds.

Finally, remember that having hundreds of apps on your phone will just make you feel overwhelmed, complicating even the most basic task.

Ensure the apps you use most are on the front page of your phone, and clean out old apps regularly to ensure your mobile is user-friendly. 

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Imogen Callister

Imogen Callister is the owner of The Media Coach.