The AI tech that powers agents across the nation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword for a decade and while other industries are advanced in its applications, the real estate industry is no longer a laggard as more agencies leverage the technology.

One in particular has grown rapidly over the last four years and kept developing innovative solutions for real estate agents. That AI tech is RiTA.

RiTA, a real estate digital employee, helps agents maximise the value of their data.

Through the power of AI and automation, she enhances databases, creates hyper relevant call lists and has two-way prospecting SMS conversations on autopilot.

Through frequent, hyper-personalised conversations, RiTA generates consistent leads and cleans data.

Check out what agents across the nation think about RiTA.

Taney Jain, Reliance Manor Lakes – VIC, REIA Residential Salesperson of the Year 2022

“When I joined RiTA, she bombarded me with appraisals. In one day, seven appraisals came in. On average, she generates around 27 appraisals in a month. RiTA will definitely generate you appraisals and nurture your database slowly.

“Buyers are the future sellers and if you serve your buyers right, they will remember you. RiTA will help nurture those buyers and take that crowd with you to the next years, otherwise that data will sit in an orphanage.

“With a small team and with AI technology, I can actually increase my numbers and I can get more market share.”

Shannon Harvey, Place Bulimba – QLD, REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year 2021

“If I had three things that I needed in my business, RiTA would definitely be one of them.

“RiTA helps me manage my prospecting. I’ve definitely had leads that have converted to sales and it’s definitely paid for itself quite easily. It’s just really helpful to keep my business consistent because a lot of the times when you’re busy, you fall down on doing that prospecting side of it.

“RiTA is a really easy way to get better in your business, to be more consistent, spend more time with clients face-to-face and scale your business up. I think it’s definitely an enhancement for any business and it improves the quality of your role.”

Matt Condit, Professionals Granger Clark – WA

“Database engagement has always been a big issue. The difference for me is RiTA instantly generates appraisals and new enquiries. It’s very different from other tech that we’re using which are going to streamline things but don’t actually bring in more revenue.

“We turned RiTA on and hit 50 listings for the first time ever.

“There is a lot of tech that we’ve all got floating around right now but I would say this would have to be the priority. RiTA is the one that is actually going to generate business from the data we’ve already got.”

Chris Philp, Stone Macarthur – NSW

“Without a doubt since implementing RiTA, we are very clearly in contact with more of our database and we are giving property owners more updates on what their property is now worth. So from an activity level, from a conversation point of view, I would say that’s probably at least tripled, and within real estate it just comes down to how many people you talk to.

“RiTA ensures that my team are talking to more people every day, more homeowners every day.

“I think RiTA is really going to help us in that six to 12 month time bracket. RiTA will be contributing to our sales board and figures at the end of the month in a very short amount of time.”

Daniel Oliver, Harris Real Estate – SA

“The main reason why I love RiTA is because it sorts out who you need to call and when you need to call them, and it produces more listings because you’re calling the right people at the right time.

“That’s the biggest thing that I was finding hard before, I’d have to do my research and find something to call that person for, and it’ll take two, three minutes to find a reason to call someone. Now RiTA just does that for you, so my results have gone up through the roof.

“This is a personal best year for me and obviously the market’s fantastic, but a lot of my results have come through RiTA. A lot of my listings have come through RiTA this year.

“The biggest thing with RiTA is people with messy databases, or people that don’t like prospecting, or people that don’t prospect, well, RiTA prospects for you. It’s just unbelievable.”

Don’t fall behind and start using AI in your business now.

Visit to explore how RiTA can supercharge your growth.

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