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Taney Jain: how to become a prospecting and appraisal generating machine

Making rejection your new best friend was just one key piece of advice award winning Reliance Manor Lakes Director Taney Jain imparted in a recent webinar presented by RiTA.

A past AREC speaker and Real Estate Institute of Victoria Salesperson of the Year in 2021, Mr Jain explained why “prospecting is the oxygen” for the real estate industry.

He also revealed the five key factors that helped him sell 100 properties last year and continues to foster building a high-performance team.


The real estate industry is not about selling houses, it is about selling yourself. Why would someone list their property with you?

Mr Jain advised new agents to look for positive, educational podcasts from real estate coaches and top agents, make notes and implement the learnings.

Writing a diary and setting a calendar to know what your day looks like is important.

Fitness should be part of your routine. As an agent, you go through a lot of stress and rejections, being a fit agent will help you through challenging times.


It is not about money. A lot of people come into the industry thinking they will make a ton of money straight away.

The reality is, real estate is like farming. Agents have to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water, fertilise and harvest. Mr Jain relies on AI technology like RiTA to nurture his relationships.

“You are running your own shop inside a business. That’s the kind of mindset you need to have; not an employee mindset but a businessman mindset.” Mr Jain said in the webinar.


Set up short-term and long-term goals. Sick to the discipline and it will become habit.

When you have the right habits of writing a diary, setting up your calendar and learning through podcasts, you will create processes and discipline.


Coach Tom Panos helps keep Mr Jain accountable. Having a mentor or a senior person in the office that has achieved the things you aim for is important.

Agents powered by AI

In addition to cold calling and door knocking, Mr Jain uses RiTA’s AI technology to generate more appraisal leads and clean his database.

He said the automated, hyper-personalised two-way SMS conversations made it possible to put together a team and keep in touch with your database simultaneously.

On the first day of using RiTA, Mr Jain generated seven appraisals. Last month, he generated 87 appraisals, of which 27 came from RiTA.

As his AI-powered digital employee, RiTA helps him have more conversations with his community, nurture his relationships with buyers and vendors and generate new business for the next three, six and 12 months.

“With the technology and humans powered by Ai, it shows me that I don’t have to grow a big team. With a small team and with technology, I can actually increase my numbers and I can get more market share.” Mr Jain said.

Watch RiTA’s webinar recap:

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