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How to empower your team for growth: Sunil Kumar

“The aim is to work on the people on the ground, on the goal of the business and making it a happy, uplifting, and the best platform for the team to perform.” Sunil Kumar

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Sunil Kumar is the founder and CEO of Reliance Real Estate – a brand which is renowned for fast-paced growth driven by an ethos of respect and empowerment for his team.

Established in 2011 in Melbourne’s West, Reliance now encompasses eight offices and a team of more than 124 people.

In the process, Sunil has been named principal of the year by the Real Estate Results Network for two consecutive years, while the company was listed as the eighth fastest growing in the country by the Australian Financial Review in 2017.

In this episode Sunil shares his insights into leadership and growth, along with the Reliance journey so far.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Sunil also discuss:

  • Hardcore prospecting
  • Growth with intention
  • Strategic concentration
  • Growing or going backwards
  • Culture at the core
  • The power of words in listing presentations
  • How Sunil met Taney Jain
  • What Sunil looks for in staff
  • What we deserve, now what we desire
  • Advice for leaders

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