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Empowering for Growth: Sunil Kumar

Reliance Real Estate CEO Sunil Kumar chose to focus on respect and empowerment when he opened his first office in 2011. That philosophy has seen his agency ranked the eighth fastest growing business in Australia.

“Our focus is looking after people,” Sunil Kumar notes. “It’s about giving more and taking less in the interests of the client and the team.”

Sunil started Reliance Real Estate in 2011 with the philosophy of providing great service to clients by empowering his real estate team.

“I previously worked with another brand, but it was ‘my way or the highway’, and when that’s the philosophy you feel disempowered and lonely.

“Our aim is to give our people motivation, keep them empowered and have them equipped with the right training to do what they really love.”

This ethos has seen Reliance grow from the initial office in 2011 to a brand that encompasses seven offices across the western suburbs of Melbourne.

It also saw the company listed as the eighth fastest growing in the country by the Australian Financial Review, which reported three-year average year on year growth of 108.8 per cent, and revenue of $4.67 million in 2017.

“Last financial year we opened three new offices and 45 people joined our business,” Sunil explains.

“We doubled our sales and enjoyed 60 per cent growth in the rental department. We are planning for more growth this year and are currently shoring up our systems and procedures to go again.”

Sunil continues by outlining how one of the key features of his business model was facilitating the success of the team within it. Reliance Real Estate has a Future Leadership Club which meets monthly to help promising staff attain their goals.

“We offer our staff the opportunity to grow in different areas of the business,” he said. The result has seen staff managing their own offices in as little as two and a half years.

Amongst the company’s success stories is sales agent Taney Jain, who went from zero to writing $1 million in sales in just two years.

“Taney is testimony to what can be done. Each fortnight he also offers training to the team, devoting his own time. Reliance leadership is about putting the team’s interest first and helping others achieve.”

“Business is hard, but at the same time it’s easy. It’s about giving more, taking less and focusing on the best interests of the client and the team.”

Sunil will share an insight into his business and growth philosophy when he takes to the stage at the fifth annual Business of Real Estate conference on the Gold Coast this September. As part of the two-day conference that focuses on “thinking, strategies and success”, Sunil’s session on growth will include an insight into recruiting the right people, how a team can become trusted advisors and how to create relationships with clients that surpass the value of a property transaction.

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