Tech gets personal: Ian Campbell on AI, The art of successful change and the real skill you need to master

Want to tap into the future of real estate? Check out this episode of the Elevate Podcast with special guest Ian Campbell

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Could a robot ever replace an agent or property manager?

It’s a question many in the industry ponder and one that AIRE software founder and RiTA creator Ian Campbell has considered at length.

As the brains behind a purpose-built digital assistant for the industry, Ian says there is an increasing role for artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to supporting agents in prospecting, lead generation and tapping the power of their data.

Over the coming years, that technology will also become more effective, more intuitive and more essential to agents looking to offer great service.

But will it ever replace the traditional real estate agent?

Ian’s answer might surprise you in an Elevate podcast that takes a deep dive into what the future of real estate will look like, along with how agents can use tools like artificial intelligence to best effect.

What’s particularly compelling about this podcast is that often talk about futuristic technology gets complicated quickly, conjuring images of Jetsons-like landscapes amid terms like big data, machine learning, AI, and automation.

Instead, Ian discusses some big-picture questions in a really down to earth and accessible conversation about the current role of agents, the future of the industry and how technology will support human skills moving forward.

Along the way, Ian offers some great tips on the process of adopting technology and why it involves trust.

“It’s not about the technology they need today. It’s about the technology they’re willing to implement and trust and delegate to in the future. That’s probably what’s most important now and also making sure that they make a good decision about whether that’s right for them,” Ian Campbell

Ian and Samantha also discuss:

  • What digital assistants can do for the industry now, along with what they’ll be capable of in the future
  • How artificial intelligence will help the industry in the years ahead
  • Why real estate is an industry with delegation issues that will need to learn to release control
  • How tech adoption is a leap of faith and an exercise in trust (there’s a great analogy here involving your humble Roomba vacuum cleaner)
  • What to consider when you look at tech tools, and the things you need to have in place first
  • The areas of real estate where technology will never be as good as you are, and the places where AI will far surpass your skills
  • Why the data you create is one of the most important assets you have, and how it’s not names and addresses that matter most when it comes to collecting personal information
  • The importance of data consent, and how to go about getting it in a way that nurtures prospects
  • And more…

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Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.