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Tara Bradbury: Back in the game

I’ve got some news.

It may the industry’s worst kept secret, but I can finally, officially, say I’m heading back to the coalface.

The decision to come back into the property management industry isn’t one I’ve taken lightly, or quickly, but something I’ve been contemplating over the past 12 to 18 months.

There’s a host of reasons why I have made this decision, but the word that best describes it is ‘opportunity’.

Property management is in the best space it has been in since I started in 2002.

I knew I needed to give this change some serious consideration when, last year, I admitted to Belle Property Coorparoo principal John Cassimatis that I missed being an active BDM at times.

He told me, “If you move to Brisbane we will have a desk and mobile phone ready for you.”

While we both laughed and joked about the idea, it showed me I still had a burning desire to be hands-on.

The biggest problem I find facing businesses is the uncertainty surrounding new products, technology and whether they would suit that agency’s specific model.

A key reason I have taken on this opportunity is so I can share my experience of the tools first hand, and be able to mentor based on proven results.

Watch this space! Change is coming in property management, and the time to act is now.

I know I still have a lot to give in the industry and I’m excited about this prospect.

That’s not to say I haven’t loved what I’ve achieved with the BDM Academy. I needed to explore and develop that facet of my skills, and I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences.

As part of my mentor role in the industry, I have had many suppliers connect with me each week to share new products they want to present to the industry and my BDM Academy members.

This has positives and negatives, as it keeps you ahead of the game with technology but is incredibly time-consuming.

With the decision to make a BDM comeback at the forefront of my mind, I knew I had to have a conversation with my husband, Shane. It’s actually due to him that I still have an active licence in Queensland.

I was close to letting my licence go when I started the BDM Academy. I honestly didn’t think that heading back to the tools would be part of my future.

However, I suspect Shane always knew, deep down, that this was on the cards.

The time has come to add the next stage and new dimension in my journey. I can’t wait to see what the next six to 12 months bring for my business and the industry.

I also hope seeing people like myself and Hayley Mitchell stepping back in will remind others how lucky we are to be where we are today.

Change is coming in property management, and the time to act is now.

Watch this space!

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Tara Bradbury

Tara Bradbury is the Director of the BDM Academy sharing her business development ideas and strategies with property management BDM’s and Principals. For more information visit bdmacademy.com.au.