Swift startup success: Daniel Di Battista on starting a family business, creating recognition in your market, and providing service that leaves an impression

If the pandemic put paid to your plans to start a business or expand it, then this podcast will have you thinking again. Daniel Di Battista shares why he took the plunge, and the strategies that guaranteed his business success.

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If the prospect of starting your own business in the middle of a pandemic sounds daunting, then Di Battista Real Estate in Melbourne is a case study of just how much can be achieved when challenge is viewed as opportunity.

Launched in 2020, the brand has quickly established a reputation in the Craigieburn area and beyond, with Director Daniel Di Battista doubling his previous GCI in the first year of business.

In this Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Daniel explains how that success was achieved.

He notes he had always wanted to start his own business, and was keen to work with his father Rocco, who has been in real estate for the better part of four decades.

Drawing on the established reputation of the Di Battista name, they felt starting a business was a no-brainer, but still there were lingering concerns about taking on the big guns, and whether their name would be enough.

The father-son duo put their heads down, teamed up with UrbanX, developed a consistent marketing strategy, and focussed on going above and beyond for their clients throughout the sales process and beyond.

As a result, they’ve quickly gained traction in their area with a swathe of five-star reviews and a reputation for being a family business that goes the extra mile for buyers and sellers.

“I truly believe that if you need to ask for the review at the end of it all, you probably haven’t done enough. We make sure that from day one our service is impeccable right through to every appointment every day of that campaign, until they settle and they hand over the keys.” Daniel Di Battista

Daniel and Samantha also discuss:

  • Why Covid was the catalyst that finally propelled Daniel and his father Rocco into their own business
  • The marketing strategies Di Battista Real Estate used to gain support from their community
  • How Di Battista Real Estate provides the type of service that sees clients willingly offer five-star reviews and return time and again
  • Why they believe their relationship with clients is just starting when they hand over the keys to a property and what they do to maintain this connection
  • How Di Battista Real Estate tailors their service to the individual and the settlement gifts that leave a lasting impression with clients
  • What Daniel has learned from his father’s 40 years in real estate and how the pair work together to lead their team to success
  • Why their focus isn’t numbers, but rather service that flows on to create repeat business
  • How the Di Battista team collaborates and the common leadership traps Daniel is seeking to avoid
  • Where the Di Battista brand plans to go from here and how they intend to maintain a truly personal level of service

And much, much more…     

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.