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Stone Real Estate joins forces with Propic to leverage leading Artificial Intelligence technology

Stone Real Estate has announced a game-changing partnership with Propic, a leading Australian real estate PropTech innovator.

The partnership will enable Stone Real Estate to leverage the impressive power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to respond to sales and rental enquiries at any time, day or night.

With more than 70 per cent of all real estate enquiries happening after hours, the advent of new technologies and changing consumer preferences, Stone Real Estate is committed to staying at the forefront of these changes.

With the help of Propic’s cutting-edge AI technology, they are poised to do just that.

The partnership is set to revolutionise the way Stone Real Estate delivers customer experience for buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords.

With Propic’s conversational AI, Stone Real Estate will be able to support customers in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with their premium website concierge service.

Buyers and renters will receive an ‘anywhere, anytime’ response with the instant gratification they so often seek.

Propic’s technology is built on advanced machine learning algorithms and is capable of answering complex questions and handling multiple enquiries at once.

It is also capable of learning from each interaction, continually improving its responses and providing a more personalised experience for each client.

The platform also has the ability to communicate in multiple languages.

“We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients,” Stone Real Estate Brand Manager Zander Snape said.

“With the help of Propic’s AI technology, we will be able to respond to enquiries in real-time, 24/7, providing a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

“We are excited about this partnership and what it means for the future of real estate.”

Stone Real Estate Brand Manager Zander Snape.

Stone Real Estate Network General Manager Jamie Bennett said the partnership would help the brand meet customers’ continually evolving needs.

“This partnership comes at a time when customer expectation is at its highest, tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard have set the benchmark and from our research, Propic are the most advanced in this space,” he said.

“With a high number of our customer enquiries being after hours, predominantly when our offices are closed, Stone Real Estate are now well positioned to take advantage of this evolving trend, with a team of highly experienced agents and now, the power of Propic’s AI technology.”

Stone Real Estate Manly, has embraced innovation to redefine the real estate industry.

With Propic’s cutting-edge solution, Stone Manly can now personalise and customise their AI assistant, Claire, to align with their unique brand voice and style.

This gives the office power and the customer gratitude, allowing them to enhance customer interactions and provide a truly tailored experience.

It’s their voice, their tone, and most importantly, their customers who will benefit from this exciting collaboration.

Propic David choi mr
Propic Chief Commercial Officer David Choi.

“Propic’s machine learning algorithms are designed to continuously learn from customer interactions, providing insights that can be used to sharpen and improve Stone Real Estate’s customer service and growth strategy,” Propic Chief Commercial Officer David Choi said.

“By leveraging our solution, Stone will be able to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences, enabling them to provide a more personalised and premium experience.”

“The AI-powered website concierge will be able to handle multiple enquiries simultaneously, providing instant responses to customers at any time of day or night and is a one stop shop for everything from assistance to insights.

“This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also free up Stone Real Estate’s team to focus on more complex and value-added tasks whilst elevating their client to agent relations.”

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