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Transform 2017 Week 7 Steve Carroll: Digital Trends and the Need for Speed

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with REA Group’s Director of Sales, Steve Carroll


Steve Carroll

Key Points

  • Using automated technology to enhance the customer experience and increase your efficiency.
  • Building a database with LinkedIn, and optimising your agent profiles for Google rankings.


“Robotic assistance will be a part of the real estate ecosystem in the near future.”

Video Notes/Transcript

I’m actually 100% convinced that robotic technology or robotic assistance will be a part of the real estate ecosystem in the near future, right?

One thing’s for sure. Real estate agents spend a lot of time doing reactive stuff that doesn’t help them win listings or sell property. Like administration stuff.

I’m convinced that personalised robotic technology will be able to take that away from real estate agents and make them more efficient.

If you get an enquiry at two o’clock in the morning there is an expectation from consumers that you will acknowledge or reply. Even though it’s two o’clock in the morning.

I can see very, very smart real estate agents having technology which says, “Thanks for your enquiry. I can see that your enquiry is about 3 Smith St. Here’s a link to a video. Here’s a link to a floor plan and here’s a link to the contract if you want to make an offer”. Which is far, far more advanced and a lot more personalised than an Out of Office.

The days of treating your vendors, your sellers, your customers just as a number, those days are over. You’ve got to get really personal. You’ve got to really understand that.

You just need to look at Netflix, Pandora and Spotify and how I can say, “Hey, I like Phil Collins,” and they’ll make a recommendation of all the other stuff that I might like. And nine times out of ten they’re right.

LinkedIn is the best business tool you could ever use. It’s like the biggest Yellow Pages directory on the planet, packed with potential sellers of property.

If I wanted to build a database of professional people who have got ‘Director’ or ‘Manager’ in their title, who live in 2263 or within 20 kilometres of 2263, I can do that on LinkedIn.

I press ‘Go’, it gives me a prospecting list of all the people that live within 2263 or a radius of 20 miles, five miles, 500 miles, however wide you want it to be.

Or just on 2263, how many directors or managers are living in 2263? You would have no idea, right? But LinkedIn is a tool that enables you to find that.

What’s great about LinkedIn is, let’s just say we did 2263, let’s just say there were 48 people who have got that title in their LinkedIn profile. What you know about them is they’re a director or a manager so they’re going to earn a fair bit of cash, you would have thought. There’s a very high chance they own property, yeah?

Let’s just say you’ve got 43 of them. You can see, of those 43, whether or not any of them have got connections with people that you’ve got connections with.

For example, Darin, let’s  just say that Sam McLean was in 2263. You’ve picked her up on this LinkedIn search and she’s a director. She happens to be connected to Steve Carroll. So when you prospect her, you can go, “Hi, it’s Darin here from Wiseberry. I hope you don’t mind me giving you a call this evening. I notice that you’re already connected with Steve Carroll. In fact, I listened to the presentation that he did yesterday, which was really interesting. Anyway, the reason I’m calling you is I just want to let you know that I’m the local real estate agent.”

What’s really interesting is we know at realestate.com.au that the Google algorithm rewards individuals and businesses that are associated with certain organisations.

We know that if you’re an active user on LinkedIn, someone at Google says, “This guy is an active user of LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn is a very, very successful, high profile organisation. We’ll give him some brownie points on the ranking.”.

LinkedIn is one and the other is Agent Profiles on realestate.com.au. You need your Agent Profile on realestate.com.au to be world-class, because that will help with your Google rankings.

Michael Carter. Yep, it’s a lot of famous people. But hey, I’ll tell you what, if you start with LinkedIn, you start with an Agent Profile, you’ll be going in the right direction. But set yourself a target of owning Michael Carter Real Estate on the Google search to start with.

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