Standing out in the age of influence: Julie Masters

In the age of influence, how do you stand out from the crowd? According to Julie Masters, CEO of Influence Nation, it’s about becoming the trusted authority in your space.

Ms Masters will share her expertise on how to become that trusted authority as part of Digital Live 2018, bringing a career of decoding influence to the 100 real estate agents taking part. It marks the second year Ms Masters has spoken and mentored at the event and will see her helping agents step out from behind the brand.

“We look to brands as credible, but we don’t follow them. We follow people. Agents need to step out from behind the brand and become the trusted authority in their space.”

Ms Masters urges agents to become clear on the market segment they want to own and actively seek to become the micro-authority in that arena using a personal connection, epic storytelling and consistent momentum.

She explains that building engagement is about agents revealing their story but also reflecting the values and interests of their clients. Then they need to ‘out-content’ everyone else in that space with ideas and insights.

“Get good at epic storytelling. Why we engage is still the same and it’s all about storytelling. That’s the only road to a connection, because I can’t feel if I don’t know your story.”

Her top tips include finding a niche, telling a story well with charismatic language, using audience touchpoints and offering people engaging, relevant content in the places that they’re looking.

“With storytelling it needs to look at the language your target market is using, because it’s charismatic language that gets people’s attention.

“Set aside time to scan your radar, looking on the fringes of the trending questions your target market has.”

And Ms Masters stresses it’s not about perfection.

“Perfection is off-putting. If you look at the rise of reality television it’s about the unvarnished journey – the passion and the process.”

Ms Masters was a speaker at Digital Live last year and says she’s looking forward to working with agents again in what has proven to be a highly-effective program.

“The digital space is one with a lot of questions. Digital Live puts together the tools and inspiration with a boot camp and analytics. Professionals review participants on a regular basis to ensure progress. It’s a rare thing where you have the accountability and process to follow through.”

Digital Live 2018 is a six-month program where 100 agents are given the skills, mentoring, feedback and tools to stand out in the crowded digital arena.

It includes live events in Sydney and Brisbane, followed by a six-month training program.

You can learn more about Digital Live 2018 here.

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Cassandra Charlesworth

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