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Sherrie Storor: One size doesn’t fit all

Agents looking to build their profile, convert more appraisals to listings, grow their team and streamline their business processes and strategies have a wealth of knowledge waiting for them in an array of workshops from one of the real estate industry’s top coaches.

Proving that one size definitely doesn’t fit all, coach Sherrie Storor offers a far-reaching range of workshops specifically tailored to your agency, team or individual agent’s needs.

Covering everything from building a celebrity profile, innovative prospecting techniques and how to close a listing presentation to leveraging your results, running a successful EBU, establishing sound financial structures and planning for the future, Sherrie’s workshops take a deep dive into everything you need to know to forge a successful career.

And the best part is, she tailors each session to your exact needs.

“When I work with a principal, I get to understand their business and their agents first,” Sherrie explained.

“I work out whether they’re green or whether they’re high-performing, whether they have teams or individuals and then I look at where the opportunities in the business are.

“I examine the strengths and where the avenues for growth are, and it’s going to look a little bit different for everyone.”

Ray White Surfers Paradise Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Bell said he had called Sherrie to work with his mid to high performers to help them level up in their careers.

He said there is a wealth of training available for new agents, but few could provide the training to assist high performers in becoming superstar performers.

“I thought Sherrie was the right person for that,” Andrew said.

“She has the credibility of having operated as a real estate agent and as a business owner. She’s done it before, she’s been very successful, and she has a delightful means of communication that makes it easy to listen to her.

“Sherrie delivers the content in such a way that it just makes sense.”

Andrew said Sherrie particularly helped his team focus on building their pipeline and creating an ongoing flow of listings, sales and then leveraging those results to build more.

“It was all about helping people focus on their future business,” he said.

“A lot of people just focus on ‘today business’, and that’s a catch and kill mentality that just doesn’t work.”

Morton Real Estate Joint Managing Director Ewan Morton said Sherrie had delivered workshops at an agency level on successful super teams.

Those workshops delved into the mindset changes a solo agent needed to make to progress to become the leader of an EBU, and the specific roles and responsibilities each member of the team should cover off.

This included defining the dollar-productive and non-dollar-productive tasks and how to ensure everything is assigned via a calendar and completed on time.

“Sherrie has also helped me personally and I’ve had sessions with her on running the sales team, commission systems, structures and how that should work,” Ewan said.

Ewan said having been an agent and agency owner herself, Sherrie understood the perspectives of agents and principals and could deliver the workshops in an empathetic manner that suited everyone.

“I found her to be someone that really understood the challenges that I was facing, and she had solutions that I could do something with.

“And it works.”

Sherrie said principals and agents could reach out to her at any time to inquire about workshops specifically tailored to their needs.

“A lot of people ask for my workshops on building a celebrity profile, on how to close a listing presentation and on prospecting approaches where, instead of old-fashioned door-knocking and cold calling, there’s a real focus on warm calls, great use of your time and getting traction quickly,” she said.

“The other thing I’m well known for is helping agents build their teams and build a profitable EBU.”

For more information, visit or email Sherrie at

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