The Trusted Agent Podcast: Ewan Morton on building a career, becoming your best self, and managing without fear

Getting the best out of your team while holding a business together through both the good and bad times in real estate is no small feat.

After 25 years as both an agent and managing director of Morton Real Estate, Ewan Morton now knows exactly what it takes to not only run a real estate business in all market conditions but to also make it thrive.

Ewan’s brand, Morton, is now one of Sydney’s leading independent agencies, with more than 85 team members across eight separate locations.

In this Trusted Agent podcast with Sean Scoffield, Ewan shares his expertise on how real estate businesses can help their people become their best selves while also empowering them to build their career and do it the right way with honesty and trust.

Ewan outlines the essential skills and attributes agents need to thrive in the current environment and what will separate the elite agents from the rest of the pack in the years to come.

If you’re a principal or director looking to better manage your team or expand your business, or an agent wanting to be in the top 20 per cent of earners, this podcast will show you how.

“You’ve got to be a highly skilled person to sell real estate. You need negotiation skills, discipline, systems and a complete skill set. It’s why 80 per cent of the sales are done by 20 per cent of the agents because they’re the ones that are really concentrating on their craft.” – Ewan Morton

Sean and Ewan also discuss:

  • How Ewan was able to manage the initial COVID downturn without any government support and without cutting back any staff salaries and what the key to keeping the business running was.
  • The importance of synergy between sales and property management when it comes to building a business that can stand up across all market conditions, and why you need to be customer-focused across your entire office.
  • Why Ewan’s empowered leadership model failed and why he now uses a ‘management without fear’ approach to better empower his team.
  • The importance of honesty in real estate and in business, and it helps you become a top agent.
  • How to get your real estate business running smoothly by acting in the best interest of your people and by ‘feeling’ the business.
  • The benefits of having a shareholder plan within your business and why it’s critical to have all team members in the boat together if you’re going to continue to grow.
  • Why the days of the ‘alpha, gorilla agents’ are finished and why trust and honesty are now the most important element of becoming a top-performing agent.
  • Why the process of marketing, including contacting active buyers, doing previews and having a good process is now critical to any sales structure and the only real way to succeed in the long term.
  • How to become a top-performing, career agent by never taking shortcuts with your process even when the market conditions might allow you to.

And much more…

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