Shane Kempton: The high performance mind

Real estate agents looking for technology to improve their performance need look no further than their own brain.

As Harcourts WA Chief Executive Officer Shane Kempton explains, our brains have the ability to learn new skills, grow and form new neural pathways.

You just have to know how to access and bolster that technology for the best results.

The high-performance mind – part 1: We are what we eat

Dive into the first instalment of Shane’s enlightening series, where he unravels the intriguing link between what we eat and how our brain powers through the day. 

He sheds light on a fascinating fact: our brain may be small in size, but it’s a powerhouse in energy needs. 

Discover how neglecting proper nutrition can plunge you into the dreaded mid-afternoon brain fog, leaving our Neocortex energy-starved. 

Shane also spotlights the crucial role of essential fatty acids, particularly Omega-3s, in fueling your brain for peak performance and maintaining your overall health. 

He also invites agents to embark on a journey of dietary tweaks, promising a path to heightened energy and sharper cognitive abilities, steering clear of the all-too-familiar afternoon energy dip.

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The high performance mind – part 2: Enhance your mind for success

In part two of the series, Shane reveals the secret sauce to peak performance: neuroplasticity. 

This isn’t just any brain tweak; it’s a game-changer. 

Imagine your brain as a dynamic playground, constantly evolving and expanding its abilities. 

That’s where Shane’s SEEDS strategy comes into play: Sleep, Exercise, Education, Diet, and Stress management. 

Think of sleep as your brain’s personal superhero, swooping in to recharge and forge new connections. 

Exercise? It’s not just for muscles; it turbocharges your brain, enhancing its plasticity. 

Education is like a brain gym, keeping your mental gears well-oiled and running smoothly, while your diet is the fuel that powers this incredible brain machine, and mastering stress is the art of keeping your cognitive engine humming. 

Shane’s master plan is a clarion call to embrace a full-circle approach to self-care, propelling your brains to their highest functioning state.

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