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Shane Kempton: Putting ‘be, do and have’ in the right order

This is not an article about setting goals! It’s way more important, or dare I say, more valuable.

There are some common beliefs, that some will argue are misconceptions, about goals.

However, I’d rather reframe it by saying, it’s less about achieving your goals and more about the person you need to become in order to achieve them.

Think about the agent who wants to settle $1 million in gross commission.

It’s less about the settling of the $1 million goal, and more about thinking, acting and ‘becoming’ a million dollar agent.

Or, if you wanted to run a marathon, the goal is less about running the 42km, and more about thinking, acting, eating, exercising, and ‘becoming’ an elite runner.

In essence, what we are talking about is putting the ‘be, do and have’ in the right order.

If you are outcome-focused, what you are saying is that once you ‘have’ the outcome/results, then you will try and ‘do’ the behaviours and create the habits that sustain that success.

Then you will ‘be’ the person that always achieves this.

It sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

There are many examples of people who win the lottery, only to find themselves broke again a few years later.

Compare that person to the one who first strives to ‘be’ an elite runner, million-dollar agent or millionaire.

They identify as this person and so they form the habits and ‘do’ the behaviours required to achieve success.

As a result, they get the outcomes regularly and consistently.

When your focus is more on becoming (be) the person who achieves the goals and outcomes you desire, you are committing to a journey of personal discovery and development, which is the most important work we humans can do.

The idea that the journey toward a goal is often more transformative and valuable than the end result itself reflects a powerful concept.

This perspective emphasises personal growth, character development, and self-discovery.

Here are 10 reasons why focusing on ‘becoming’ rather than just ‘having’ can be so empowering:

1. Continuous improvement: When the emphasis is on personal growth, you’re more likely to adopt a growth mindset. This mindset encourages a dedication to learning, embracing challenges, and persisting through setbacks, all of which contribute to your development.

2. Resilience: The process of striving for a goal can be challenging, and setbacks are almost inevitable. However, when the focus is on personal development, you’re more likely to bounce back from setbacks, as you view them as opportunities for learning and growth rather than as failures.

3. Character building: Pursuing personal growth often involves developing character traits such as discipline, determination, patience, and resilience. These traits not only help you reach your goals but also make you a better and more capable person overall.

4. Adaptability: While working toward a goal, you might need to adapt and change course. Emphasising personal growth makes it easier to embrace change and see it as a chance for development, rather than a deviation from a fixed plan.

5. Self-awareness: The journey toward a goal can lead to increased self-awareness. You’ll likely learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, values, and priorities, which can guide you in making more informed decisions.

6. Enjoyment of the journey: Focusing on personal development can help you find joy and fulfilment in the process itself, rather than solely in the achievement of the goal. This makes the journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

7. Mindfulness and presence: Emphasising personal growth encourages you to be present in the moment and appreciate each step of the journey. This mindfulness can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life overall.

8. Lifelong learning: The pursuit of personal growth is a lifelong journey. It encourages a mindset of continual learning and self-improvement, which can lead to a richer and more fulfilling life.

9. Authenticity: As you work on becoming the best version of yourself, you are more likely to align your goals and actions with your true values and desires, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

10. Positive impact on others: Personal growth can inspire and positively influence those around you. When others see your dedication to self-improvement, they may be encouraged to embark on their own journeys of growth.

While achieving goals and tangible results is important, the process of personal growth and becoming a better person is equally, if not more, valuable.

By embracing the ‘be, do, have’ perspective, you can find greater satisfaction and fulfilment in your journey and lead a more purposeful life.

It’s the ultimate goal.

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Shane Kempton

Shane Kempton is the CEO of Harcourts WA and the network high performance coach.