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Rockend releases update with new Inspection Workflow features

REST Professional Version 12.5 released today delivers users further automate  manual tasks, build your business, grow profits, and deliver the best service experience to your customers. Watch the video above to see the new inspections workflow.

Some of the latest features include:


  • New Inspections Workflow – Allowing you to seamlessly move through the workflow to plan your inspections.
  • Agency Fee Management –Configure all of your agency charges in one configuration screen
  • Replicate Owner Details – Duplicate information on the Owner Details Screen into a new Owner Card, saving your manual data entry!
  • New Look Vacancy Counter Report – Providing you with a more attractive report to hand out to clients.
  • Enhanced Owner Portal – Displaying a property’s inspection history for your clients to view online, 24/7.
  • REST Mobile Version 6 – View the property’s alarm code, access to more support options and a great new look as well.
    … and many more features.

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