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Rent Roll Starter launches new social media marketing training program

Rent Roll Starter has launched a free social media marketing-focused training event called The Social Summit.

Knowing that rent roll owners often struggle to come up with a social media strategy that helps them grow their business, brand and their rent roll, Rent Roll Starter saw there was an opportunity to help these rent roll owners to achieve better outcomes.

Rent Roll Starter is a training and coaching company who focus on helping agency principals start and grow their rent rolls using cheap (and often free) marketing strategies, with a special focus on social media.

Rent Roll Starter’s Ellen Bathgate explained she wanted to provide rent roll owners with an alternative to working with expensive digital marketing agencies.

“Every day I’m talking to rent roll owners who are telling me that they don’t know what to post, or they struggle to come up with content ideas, or they don’t have enough time to work on their social media,” Ms Bathgate said.

“I know how expensive it is to work with a big digital marketing company, and I know that if rent roll owners are in their first few years of business, they just don’t have the money for that.

“So it just made sense to create a free training event, especially for rent roll owners who want to take their social media to the next level.”

The Social Summit program aims to empower and inspire rent roll owners to create engaging social media content, use their social platforms for lead generation, and learn how to repurpose content in a way that saves them time.

Perhaps the biggest part of The Social Summit is the community of like-minded rent roll owners, who come together inside the private Facebook group to talk about the challenges of social media and share their journeys throughout the 16-day training event.

“We’ve run The Social Summit before and it was amazing,” Ms Bathgate said.

“This time, it’s got twice as much training, so many more templates, examples and formulas, and I know rent roll owners are going to be excited to take what they learn in The Social Summit and implement it into their businesses straight away.”

Register for The Social Summit today!

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