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Trending launches re-marketing service for agents and agencies has today announced the release of Reach, the final product in the Agent Edge series of personal branding products.

Reach is an end-to-end digital marketing solution that allows agents and agencies to build an online presence and remain top of mind among local property owners when they are visiting sites on the web away from

According to’s General Manager for Leads, Rachel Morley, the new Reach product has been designed to engage with prospects throughout the selling journey.

“Reach, in a practical sense, is an end to end marketing tool, which helps agents build advertising campaigns leveraging our data to find prospects that are relevant to the local area,” says Rachel.

Reach has been purpose-built by to have the ‘edge’ over other re-marketing products for real estate professionals. Utilising insights and data from the sellers who visit each month, the platform puts local agents in front of prospective vendors in their area through targeted advertising.

The key features of Reach include self-service campaign set-up, ad creative generation, continuous optimisation and reporting functionalities.

The platform enables users to choose the areas they want to target, and then will develop a campaign on their behalf via a multi-channel approach to target the right vendors, with the right messages, at the right time.

Campaign creative, call-to-actions and channels will be continuously optimised to help build brand awareness and deliver new prospects. Agents will have the flexibility to control and edit their target areas and spend as required to ensure they are maximising their return on investment.

Reach has been specifically designed to add value to agents and agencies in a way that’s previously needed extra spend with marketing agencies to manage. The platform will create a suite of ads within minutes and display them across both Facebook and Google to maximise reach and guarantee top-of-mind awareness for prospective vendors.

Ads are built instantly, based on’s Agent Profile and past sales data points. The range of ads will also provide messaging relevant to the stage of the seller in their property journey.

“Depending on what stage of the journey the seller is at, different messages will be created that are likely to re-engage them and bring them back.”

The Agent Edge product family, first announced in April 2018, also includes:

  • Agent Elevate: Enables a larger presence in Agent Search results through showcasing video content, recent sales data and weekly wrap emails.
  • Agent Match: Matches qualified sellers who are ready to choose an agent.

“Reach is the final piece in the puzzle around the marketing funnel in our suite of tools for individual agents,” says Rachel.

“As a technology company, we wanted to offer our agents and agency partners a data-led digital solution to help navigate the competitive and complex prospecting process.”

For more information about reach visit the Agent Marketing Centre.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.