RE/MAX office opens in Flagstone

The RE/MAX network has welcomed a new location to its growing operation, with an office recently opening at Flagstone in Queensland.

Leading RE/MAX business owner Melina MacNellie-Verrall has had Flagstone, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, targeted for her second real estate office since she joined the global real estate network in November 2020.

“Flagstone has affordability, acreage opportunities and has become its own community,” Ms MacNellie-Verrall said while acknowledging she has a personal connection to the area after living there for six years while raising a young family.

“I am proud to be the one to bring Flagstone a physical real estate presence – an office where the community can walk in and feel welcome – and I am establishing for the long term as I did when I opened RE/MAX Property Professionals in Springfield.

“I’ve waited almost two years to complete what I felt was like a missing element in my business, and to link Flagstone and Greater Springfield with a full-service sales and property management service.”

Ms MacNellie-Verrall said the Flagstone team lived locally but a one-team approach would see experienced agents and property managers servicing both markets.

Her goals for RE/MAX Property Professionals in Flagstone include bringing on new industry talent and opening doors for local employment, along with business growth and community involvement.

“Newcomers to my Flagstone team will have a solid base of experienced agents and property managers to support them plus the RE/MAX environment where people thrive in business because of the incredible level of professional development and resources made available.”

Ms MacNellie-Verrall said it is not just the 20 per cent growth in friendly, relaxed Flagstone that excites her, but the 25 years of infrastructure planned and the availability of land.

“There are opportunities for first time buyers, for young families and for investors, as there are also people taking the opportunity to sell, especially people who have been in Flagstone for five years or so and who are now moving closer to the coast or city as the kids have grown,” she said.

“And increasing numbers of investors coming in will, in turn, help renters into the area.”

RE/MAX Managing Director, Joel Davoren said the expansion of RE/MAX Property Professionals represented heart, soul and business acumen.

“Melina’s energy and drive is always to the fore, underpinned with passion for building relationships, delivering great outcomes and experiences, and for real estate and the industry itself.

“The Flagstone community can embrace the level of engagement and involvement it will get from the RE/MAX Property Professionals team,” Mr Davoren said.

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