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RE/MAX makes key appointment for rent roll growth

Well-known Western Australia real estate professional Tracy Kriwopischin joined the RE/MAX Extreme team this month in a career move that draws on her property management expertise.

As Business Development Manager, she is focused on growing RE/MAX Extreme’s property management business.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Tracy join us in Perth,” RE/MAX Managing Director Joel Davoren said.

“She has a huge amount of experience and expertise and is certainly the right person to take an already successful property management business to the next level with solid growth in the number of managed properties.”

At 18, Ms Kriwopischin started a real estate career in the family business and worked through reception to property management and business management.

After selling the business, she took a corporate training role with a major network, which was rolling out a new CRM system.

In 2004, Ms Kriwopischin joined a large independent WA real estate group and built the 90-property rent roll up to 550, with her role encompassing all aspects of property management.

Her achievements led her to oversee the operation of 3000 rental properties and about 35 staff.

After 17 years, Ms Kriwopischin took a role with a leading real estate training group based in WA.

“I’ve now had more than 28 years in the industry,” Ms Kriwopischin said.

“I enjoyed training, but I realised I really missed first-hand real estate action and being in a real estate office. I saw what was happening with the expansion of the global RE/MAX brand in WA and I knew I should be playing a part in that.”

Ms Kriwopischin also has a sales role that sees her remain focused on the niche market of 2.5 to 10 acre rural residential properties in the Moore River region, her own 6041 postcode.

“Coming from a mainly property management background, I fell into sales after moving to acreage in the Moore River Region 13 years ago,” she said.

“It started when a neighbour asked if I would sell their property.”

This dedicated specialisation means business is almost 100 per cent word of mouth and referrals, and she has sold more than 120 homes in the area, many on two or more occasions.

Tracy Kriwopischin can be reached on mobile 0419 998 306 and email

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