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RE/MAX financial services brand expands directorship

Pivotal Financial, the RE/MAX aligned financial services group, this week announced the appointment of Matthew Andrews to the Board of Directors.

Mr Andrews has carved out a highly successful career in financial services spanning more than 20 years, with substantial experience in leadership, retail, credit, wholesale funds, funds management, mortgage origination and various banking roles.

Mr Andrews was appointed to the role of General Manager of Pivotal Financial in June 2017.

Since then, he has led Pivotal Financial through solid growth, increasing the team of new-to-industry and experienced brokers and offering a full suite of financial products for consumers.

“In that time, we’ve invested in our team through continual education, developed dedicated marketing resources and implemented new technologies to drive efficiencies,” he said.

“2020 proved to be an outstanding year for Pivotal Financial. We have thrived in the face of adversity and helped more Australians than ever before to realise their home ownership goals, from first-time buyers through to sophisticated investors and business clients.”

RE/MAX Australia Managing Director, Joel Davoren, said: “The Board’s decision to appoint Matt as a Director is strategic recognition of his high-level skills and the commitment he has demonstrated to Pivotal Financial and RE/MAX, and to their clients”.

“RE/MAX and Pivotal Financial both set the bar high for people representing the brand. It is the right place for real estate and mortgage broking entrepreneurs who want a combination of independence and national business support,” he said.

Pivotal Financials’ strategic aggregation partner, Connective, is also supportive, with State Manager for Connective QLD, Barry Jannese, saying “Matt is highly respected in the industry and we welcome his appointment”.

“We know that he is a committed team player, and a strong advocate for best practice in the industry.”

Mr Andrews said he was excited by the opportunity to drive the business from an even greater strategic view as a Director.

“As we look towards 2021, our focus is on meeting borrowers’ needs in a best practice environment. Our team of mortgage brokers have already aligned themselves with this culture and our on-going strategic partnerships with RE/MAX and Connective will further support these outcomes.

“Best practice business is win-win for all stakeholders – the purchasers, the sellers, the RE/MAX network and the Broker, and we are excited to lead the way in setting that benchmark.” he said.

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