Ray White Real Estate of Origin nets 6600 appraisals in less than a day

Ray White’s 11th Real Estate of Origin call-a-thon hit a new level this week, with more than 6600 appraisals booked across Australasia.

Powered by the group’s PropTech platform, NurtureCloud, the four-hour blitz saw Queensland win bragging rights, with 2786 appraisals booked, followed by New Zealand with 1507 appraisals scheduled.

NurtureCloud uses machine learning, data automation and market intelligence to help agents generate leads and improve the overall performance of their real estate businesses.

Appraisals are the lifeblood of real estate and Ray White holds its Real Estate of Origin days three times a year to create friendly rivalry and banter between the states and New Zealand.

A total of 86 per cent of Ray White’s Australian network now uses NurtureCloud and 26,000 calls were made during the four-hour call session, using the platform’s ‘smart call’ lists.

Ray White Chief Strategy Officer for Real Estate, Mark “Macca” McLeod hosted the call-a-thon with Head of Performance and Recognition Bianca Denham in Brisbane.

Mr McLeod said NurtureCloud turbocharged an agent’s call list. 

“The game-changer of NurtureCloud is it tracks propensity very well,” Mr McLeod said. 

Propensity shows agents which people in their database are behaving as if they’re going to list their property, and the tool picks that up before they actually do.

NurtureCloud finds the best calls to make, built around pipeline lead scores, last contact date, open home attendance plus various other behaviours and it’s evolving all the time.

Ray White agents who used the ‘smart call’ list within NurtureCloud generate more appraisals from the same amount of calls.

NurtureCloud hit a huge milestone last month with the group making a record 306,000 calls on the platform.

This week, many offices generated a month’s worth of appraisals in the four hour call-a-thon. 

Ray White Norwest team in Sydney booked in 424 new appraisals, ahead of their Ray White Narangba counterparts who managed to secure 298 new appraisals. 

Individually, Kylie Postawski, of Ray White Narangba, secured a staggering 148 appraisals on her own.

“Smart calls, if you are not making them, someone else will,” Mr McLeod said.

“NurtureCloud means we are in control of our destiny and events like this enable us to maintain relationships.

“We are in a relationship business and the platform shows us a seller’s propensity to come to the market. NurtureCloud offers us a huge advantage.

“We have never had so much data available for our members, which is driving our businesses forward.

“Many people know how to sell real estate but they don’t know how to build a real estate business and this platform is a game-changer.

“We only made 25,000 calls using NurtureCloud in December 2021, and last month we made 306,000, a record.”

Domain sponsored some prizes which included two Apple iPads and RE-assist sponsored 120 hours of virtual assistance.

Other prizes included a team session with fourth generation leader Dan White, and a $250 gift card for the Ray White Shop plus a BeSeen digital bundle.

Ray White Managing Director Dan White said Real Estate of Origin days were important for the network.

“The work we do everyday is important, but days like today add more value as every single connection adds to databases, which gives deep value going forward,” he said.

“Every single minute we work in NurtureCloud we are adding value to our balance sheets.

“So no matter whatever happens from today’s appraisals, the data is invaluable.

“Real Estate of Origin reinforces that we have to provide good information for members to talk about, and be specific. We also give broader information from the economic insights in Now too.

“NurtureCloud has had a big impact on not only this event, but it has shaped many businesses and added more capacity, and to be honest that’s why we got involved in NurtureCloud in the first place.”

Ray White’s Mark McLeod and Bianca Denham hosted the call-a-thon.

Ms Denham called the 2023 kick-off Real Estate of Origin “the best one yet”.

“Registration numbers went through the roof with 286 offices onboard,” she said.

“Prospecting is really the engine of a real estate business. If we don’t have appraisals, we don’t get listings. If we don’t have listings, we can’t sell stock.

“It’s really important that we continue to keep that activity going, as I said to start the wheels of the business turning so we can continue to make sales in 30 to 60 days from now.”

Business owner Lindsay Battley, of Ray White Springwood and Ray White Shailer Park said he loved Real Estate of Origin. 

“It’s a great event and one of the best things Ray White does each year,” he said.

“It’s great for team bonding and healthy competition between the offices.

“Making calls is the job, without making calls we get nothing.The most important thing is to get listings. 

“Today was a good focus for the team to talk to prospective sellers and make the calls. 

“Last year we got 95 appraisals so we’ve set a goal for this year to be even better.”

Ray White Wilston agent Holly Bowden.

Ray White Wilston agent Holly Bowden said she loves NurtureCloud. 

“Because I do everything on my phone and I am not tied to my desk, I love the convenience of NurtureCloud,” she said.

“I’m a bit old school so it’s taken a while to embrace it but I’m definitely onboard.

“It’s a great tool because the information is all there – when you’ve spoken to someone, who they are and what they’re looking for.

“I came today because I wanted to hold myself accountable and I love the competition.”

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