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Ray White agent donates commission to ROLL 101 charity

Ray White Real Estate Agent Green Square and Botany Clay Chigwidden has donated half his commission to charity following his sale of a house.

Mr Chigwidden, who was acting on behalf of a family who tragically lost their son through a combination of cystic fibrosis and a devastating motocross accident, chose the Roll 101 charity following consultation with the parents.

ROLL 101 is a charity-based trust set up by Chad Graham and his supporters to provide assistance to young people affected by chronic or terminal illness or by catastrophic injuries.

Mr Chigwidden said having spent time with the family, and understanding the circumstances around their son’s illness and injuries, he felt compelled to help them in any way he could.

“They are such lovely people and my heart really went out to them when I heard the history of the tragic passing of their son,” he said.

“I wanted to give something back, so we had a chat about a charity that would benefit most and best aligned with their experience and we chose ROLL 101.

“All I want to do is raise awareness of the charity and the challenges people who suffer from cystic fibrosis face. It’s a drop in the ocean, but I hope it makes a difference.”

ROLL 101 Chairman Peter Graham said the money donated would go towards a number of critical appliances.

“We had the privilege of providing equipment to the young man in question, and seeing the difference ROLL 101 can make to the lives of those that need it, so it’s wonderful that Clay has recognised us as a fitting charity to donate to,” Mr Graham said.

“All of our money goes towards buying equipment or paying for treatment for children with disabilities or who have had a catastrophic injury.

“The money will go a long way and we hope this raises valuable awareness.”

Ray White CEO New South Wales Blue Jason Andrew lauded Mr Chigwidden for his selfless act and said he sets a great example for other companies and their employees.

“We’re in an industry that’s a paid-for service and it’s incredible that Clay has done this off his own back. We can all learn from this act of generosity,” Mr Andrew said.

“In a tough situation, Clay realised he wanted to give something back, and he was more than willing to put his hand up. I give him full credit for what he’s done.”

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