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Purplebricks launches new ad campaign, focuses on taking down ‘commission collectors’

Purplebricks Australia has today unveiled an advertising campaign led by media personality Barry Du Bois. The campaign encourages Australians to question the real estate industry’s ‘commission collecting’ model.

Encompassing television commercials, digital banners and radio spots, the nationwide campaign challenges Australians to consider how they can get the best return when selling their home.

Mr Du Bois, a television property expert, has over thirty years’ experience buying, developing and selling property and is Purplebricks’ newly appointed brand ambassador. According to the brand, Mr Du Bois has grown frustrated with the real estate industry’s commission-collecting model and is now on a mission to educate Australians so they don’t pay excessive fees when selling their homes.

“As a nation, we need to challenge the concept of a commission in real estate. The argument that agents can only do their job well if they are excessively remunerated just doesn’t stack up,” Mr Du Bois said.

“The commission-collecting model hasn’t changed for thirty years at a time when technology has rapidly transformed the industry. Every month millions of Australians visit and Domain so the days of relying on an agent’s black book of contacts are over.”

“Furthermore, between 2008 and 2018 it’s estimated that average national house prices increased by approximately 50 per cent, and closer to 70 per cent in Sydney where I live, which has resulted in exorbitant pay rises for agents at a time when wage growth has stagnated for other industries. It’s simply not right and the commission gravy train has to stop,” Mr Du Bois said.

Neil Tavender, Purplebricks Australia CEO, said: “Since launching, we have saved Australians over $50 million in commission fees. This campaign is about educating Australians about the real estate industry’s archaic business model that only benefits agents.

“We won’t rest until every Australian understands they can sell their home with a fixed fee, get a great result and not fund ‘commission collectors’ lifestyles.”

As part of the campaign, Purplebricks Australia has relaunched its website. The television commercial can be viewed here.

Purplebricks Australia has been through a number of changes over the past six months as they battle the negative press generated by agents leaving the brand due to a ‘toxic environment‘ and handle a reshuffle due to a number of senior staff leaving the business.

The network also launched a new fee structure last year which they hoped would encourage more listings. While the network is not yet profitable in Australia, they are confident they will reach profitability over the next few years.

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