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Propic’s CLAIRE upgrade to revolutionise real estate customer service

Propic has completely rebuilt its innovative Artificial Intelligence technology, equipping its virtual concierge with more than 160 new features, including generative AI, that change the paradigm of service real estate agents can offer their customers.

Virtual concierge, CLAIRE by Propic, can not only respond to enquiries and leads in real-time, generating and writing emails on its own, at any time of the day or night, it can converse in 14 different languages and also transcribe the conversations back into English and send them to agents.

In addition to that, the technology can answer an array of questions, not just about the properties on agency websites, but it can have informed, smart conversations on topics such as data trends, median prices, investment, yield rates and more. 

Propic Chief Product Officer Patrick Hill said the virtual concierge had been completely rebuilt.

“We’re tying together the power of Google, all of the internet, all the property data, all the data sciences, all of your internal brand, all of the information that you’ve got on your website, and we’re putting that into one smart AI,” he said.

“So it really is that digital assistant that can run for you fully automated.

“It’s a huge leap forward with everything from simple things like QR Codes that agents can get when they send the property live and then print them out for open homes for the chat to operate, right down to things like integrating it directly with their websites… ultimately driving new traffic and a better user experience on their own websites.”

Mr Hill said the new and improved CLAIRE could also answer complex questions and interpret more difficult concepts, such as a buyer needing to rent before buying, that other systems stumbled on.

It can also answer questions on the neighbourhood, a property’s condition, compliance, the sales and leasing process, typical rents in an area and administrative questions such as booking inspections, floor plans and much more. 

Mr Hill said the virtual concierge could effectively answer any question in a property related way.

“There’s never been a point in history where a developer or software could be this smart and answer intelligent data questions or about interest rates and how much you would be up for payment-wise,” he said.

“I even asked it ‘What’s the meaning of life’, and the answer was something along the lines of, ‘The meaning of life for me is to provide great service around real estate property listings so that I can help you find the right place to live’.”

Mr Hill said CLAIRE sent transcripts of conversations directly to agents, as well as tracking user intent and analytics to see what clients are interested in.

CLAIRE can also be programmed to send SMS to agents if key triggers, such as a buyer wanting to make an offer on a property, were activated.

The virtual concierge can be fully branded to each agency and trained in that agency’s tone of voice, as well as having ethical guardrails in place so it will never tell a prospective client the wrong thing. 

Mr Hill said CLAIRE would give agents back valuable time in their day as well as providing their clients with higher levels of service.

“It fundamentally changes the paradigm of service,” he said.

“It ties together so many different portions of real estate that enables them (agencies) to make sure that service is at the highest level and it defers and deflects so much work that agents previously didn’t have enough time to get around to.

“That means the lead becomes cold, or the conversation becomes cold, so if agents can get some immediacy around that, with CLAIRE’S smart answers and always answering the question, that changes the service paradigm dramatically.”

Mr Hill said rebuilding CLAIRE was part of a wider rollout of new and improved technology with more products to be released in coming weeks, including a concierge that ties together the leasing and sales listings on an agency website.

This will be followed by outbound prospecting technology where the concierge is able to have outbound conversations with potential clients and drive them back to a microsite about their property to discuss their selling needs.

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