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PropertyIQ Connect launches a new EDM wizard

Now you can connect with buyers and sellers more easily with a new EDM feature that has just been launched by Property IQ. Dawie Verryne from Property IQ explains.

The more listings you have and the more accurate your marketing, the better your sales results. Here’s a faster, simpler and more precise way to increase listings and target potential buyers.

We’ve all sent eDMs showcasing new property listings to clients. The problem is it’s a tedious, long-winded process, requiring you to find prospective buyers manually within your database. Worse still, databases are often out of date. The result? On the one hand, you miss potential buyers. On the other, you send annoying spam to people who aren’t interested. At the same time, finding properties to list often involves a lot of guesswork and legwork.

The new eDM Wizard for PropertyIQ Connect streamlines the whole process of communicating with your clients. It helps you trawl for listings, pinpoint potential buyers to increase sales and develop closer client relationships.

Create and send professional eDMs like these in four easy steps.

Save time and effort

The new eDM Wizard automates communications through easy to use templates. Simply select your recipients from dropdown menus, chose the template you want, create your message and send via email, SMS or both. You can send messages about new listings or ask whether clients are interested in selling. Or you can send general messages, such as for birthdays or property anniversaries, to ensure you are top of mind.

Make the best use of your database

Clients on your database are tagged automatically according to the parameters you select, such as vendors, potential vendors, people who have attended inspections and more. You no longer have to sift through your database to find contacts because they’re all pre-defined for you. Better still, tagging is time-sensitive. You can view and select contacts that have been active in a specified time-frame depending on your requirements. That means you avoid the inaccuracies of having out of date information and can send communications that are relevant to the client’s current situation.

Integrate your eDMs with market data

This is where the eDM Wizard gets really smart. Through the one interface, you have CoreLogic’s property data on tap. Now it’s easy to compare property values, purchase history, sales potential and much more. Offering property assessments based on hard data gives you a real point of difference, making you look more professional and knowledgeable. Best of all, it’s fast and easy to do because everything you need is in the one application.

PropertyIQ Connect already gives you a versatile management platform with integrated CRM capabilities. The new eDM Wizard makes the system even more powerful, helping you to connect clients to properties and grow revenue.

Dawie Verryne is the CEO of Property IQ

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