Professionals Granger Clark Real Estate on the past 12 months with RiTA

There is gold in every database and for Professionals Granger Clark Real Estate Principal Matt Condit, having RiTA engage with their database has been a game changer. 

RiTA is a lead generation assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence and automation.

Her job is to protect and nurture the database. By providing hyper relevant call lists and having automated, personalised two-way SMS conversations, she helps clean the data, nurture relationships and generate leads. 

A year after signing up to RiTA, Mr Condit has seen a 54 per cent increase in appraisals in his office. 

Before RiTA, he knew there were people in their database they were not contacting well enough.

He was aware of the cost of their database disengagement. RiTA was the shortcut for them and helped create more conversations at scale. 

The key to more appraisals is conversations. The more conversations agents have with their database, the more leads they get, and as a result, the more listings they secure.

With the help of RiTA, agents have more conversations over the phone or via SMS. Over time, the conversations build trust, warm up the contacts and put the agents top of mind.

The effectiveness of RiTA’s automated two-way SMS conversations at Professionals Granger Clark Real Estate has been ongoing:

  • The appraisal drive SMS campaign helps confirm property owners’ email addresses and generate appraisal leads. 
  • The buyer SMS campaign targets old buyers and finds out if they have bought and need an appraisal, or if they are still searching. 
  • Any SMS conversations held by RiTA is a great opportunity for cleansing the database and removing people who moved out of their core markets, don’t know them and don’t want to hear from them. 

Mr Condit focuses on the things he can control. He and his team can control, to a certain extent, the number of appraisals and market share; however, they cannot control the number of sales in an area. 

Having RiTA in their office for the past 12 months has helped with engaging the database and increasing the number of appraisal leads. Click here to hear more of Mr Condit’s experience. 

If you are interested in RiTA, please click here

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