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Productivity And Personalisation: The Future Of Technology

While it is impossible to predict exactly what the future holds, there are definite trends emerging which will shape the course of the next decade. Alister Maple-Brown from Rockend looks at some of the things that may be on the horizon.

Ten years ago smartphones, social media, tablets and wearable technology were non-existent. Today it’s almost hard to imagine a world without it all, especially when we now interact with each of these platforms on a daily basis.
However, believe it or not, this is just the start! Technology is set to expand and innovate in incredible ways over the coming years. While it is impossible to predict exactly what tomorrow holds, there are definite trends emerging which will shape the course of the next decade.

We are now digital citizens who receive, process and transmit higher volumes of information than ever before. In this digital age technology connects us to the world’s information in a matter of seconds, transforming our expectations for the way we receive it.

Google Alerts is a great example of this. We are now able to customise the data we wish to receive by creating an alert for topics or keywords that interest us, filtering out facts we deem non-relevant. Social media is another example of a selective stream that pushes information to us. Our Instagram feeds are personalised and tailored to suit our preferences, providing us with live updates of information 24 hours per day.

This shift has resulted in people wanting information directed and delivered to them, rather than needing to search for it. This will only continue over the coming decade as advancements in technology will create data that is increasingly more intuitive, anticipatory, transparent and personalised. Expect to see consumer experiences and products personalised to suit your needs; a trend that is set to impact dramatically on business interactions, sales and productivity.

Technological integrations will see a huge shift over the coming decade, with more products, systems and software integrating and creating an enhanced user experience. New technology is coming to the market that demonstrates the self-learning and communication between systems.

One example of this is an interaction between Mercedes-Benz and the Nest Learning Thermostat, allowing the it to cool or heat an individual’s home before they arrive. This is just one example, but the future will see multiple systems integrating. As this trend escalates, the friction of use between products will decrease for the user, which is positive for everyone.

Real estate professionals will be able to streamline their businesses even further, saving time, dispensing with manual data entry and eliminating the need for multiple pieces of technology by using highly integrated systems. This New Age technology will see real estate professionals working more efficiently, productively and proactively, which in turn will provide businesses with additional opportunities to expand.

The future of technology is exciting and the possibilities and potential are endless.

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Alister Maple-Brown

Alister Maple-Brown is the CEO of leading property management software provider Rockend. For more information visit rockend.com.au.