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Transform 2017 Week 2B Peter Mochrie: Presenting to Camera for Real Estate Agents

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with Australian actor, coach and auctioneer Peter Mochrie.


Peter Mochrie

Note: Peter has developed a comprehensive presenting to camera course for agents with everything you could possibly want to know, 16 video lessons for $149 which is unbelievable value.

Key Points

  • Keeping still to direct your energy into your voice
  • Visualising the camera as a person
  • Taking your time and remembering to breathe
  • Experience builds confidence; establishing structures and improving on them


“The camera is a person. Visualise that person.”

Video Notes/Transcript

As we all know from when we were five or six, we stood up in front of the teacher and we started to read and some of it went south. And from that moment on, it’s in your DNA. So as adults, we just have to prepare ourselves for what’s going down. It’s common sense. Nerves and focus. It takes courage, character, and commitment to do this. You’ve got to think about what you’re saying.

Now, I looked at all of your videos and yes, they got you into this game, but as John McGrath would say, it got you here, but it won’t get you there. All of you, please, smile. Slow it down. Know who you’re talking to. Know what you’re talking about.

And keep still. It’s like I’m watching Stevie Wonder, you know? Keep still. All of that energy you use of keeping still goes into your voice and I’m listening as much as I’m watching.

Alright, connect with one person and personalise. As I said to you earlier… Okay, there’s a hundred thousand people out there. I’m nervous. I’m gonna talk to a hundred thousand people. No, no, no, no, no. The camera is a person. Visualise that person. Okay, it’s my wife. “Hi, Sal.” Brunette, green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes.

Whatever she is or he is to you, but use the camera as one person and I’ll think you’re talking to me and I will buy your product because you are trustworthy, you are sincere, you’ve practised, you’ve warmed your voice up and you know what you’re talking about.

What happens when we get up into the space and everything’s going at a million miles an hour and everything is focused out? We forget the one thing we need to stay alive on this planet, which is oxygen. Without it, we’re screwed. It is your rhythm.

When you were in grammar class, in English at school, they got you to read, and they told you this: a full stop is a beat, and you take a breath. A comma is a half-beat and you take a half breath. Those are the basics, and we’ve all forgotten. We get the piece of paper… [speaking very quickly].

Nobody got nothing. Nothing, because it’s gone over my head. I said, “What the hell did that person say?” Take your time.

You’re always going to be nervous. Use that energy to enthuse people. Enjoy the moment, and most of all enjoy yourself. If you’re terrified, I’m going to know. If you’re having fun, look at that smile. I just got that smile. Earn the smile.

Gain experience. Experience builds confidence which is the key to good presenting. Most beginners find their anxieties decrease with practice. Get the camera out and run it a couple of times. See what works for you.

“There’s nothing quite like opportunity,” is one of the first things I ever wrote when I started this course. I still use it all the time. Get yourself something to be renowned for. Be renowned for quality.

McGrath, one of the best in the business, if not the best. He practises. He used to write things down on a piece of paper, laminate it, and put it in the shower, so his brain and his psyche knows exactly what’s going on. You know when you go into an appraisal and you haven’t done the work? Do the work for this as well.

You’ve all done appraisals, yes? You’re basically doing the same thing each time, aren’t you? We’re just changing the words around to suit that particular property, yeah? Same for what you’re doing on camera. Have something, a structure inside of yourself so you can change it up every time, and be known for quality. If it’s not right, then don’t send it out.

There’s a couple of last things I want to do. When you’re doing anything, whether it’s in front of a camera or it’s in front of people, enjoy yourself. If it’s laboured, you’re gone. Enjoy yourself. Smile and get that passion going. The script, make sure it’s natural and conversational. Okay?

Practise. Familiarise yourself with what you wish to convey. If you are winging it in an appraisal, then you’re Gavin Rubinstein, but he’s had all of that practice to know exactly what he’s doing each and every time. He’s familiar, but most important, he is confident in what he’s doing. When you get to that level, you just switch it up a little bit.

What’s the difference between you and somebody else? Your passion and your enthusiasm.  If you’ve got that, you’re way ahead of the game.


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