OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus revolutionises user experience with 70+ powerful plugins

OpenAI has unleashed a suite of more than 70 third-party plugins for its ChatGPT Plus users to visualise and analyse data, parse website content, ask PDFs questions, help them house hunt and even assist them to learn foreign languages.

The development comes less than a week after Google launched its Bard chatbot in Australia, and just two months after OpenAI first unveiled the concept plugins for its AI model, which was at that point exclusively available in a “limited alpha” stage. 

With this expansion, the capabilities of the AI model, now running on the fourth version, are poised for exponential growth, according to Mashable.

The newly rolled out plugins, from such third-party providers as Expedia, Kayak, Instacart, and OpenTable, are accessible under the “Beta Features” in user settings, are set to revolutionise the way users interact with the AI tool. 

Plugins are also available from listing portals such as Zillow and Redfin, to help users search for their ideal property.

The Zillow and Redfin plugins enable users to describe their dream home and neighbourhood in plain terms, before the AI suggests listings that suit their needs.

By inputting simple phrases such as, “I’m moving to Houston for a new job with a $150,000 salary. Show me three-bedroom homes for sale with private outdoor entertaining space in neighbourhoods with trendy restaurants,” users can find listings that match their criteria. 

The plugin can then direct them to their listing pages, where they can book an on-demand tour with a local agent.

OpenAI said in a blog post on its website that plugins opened up a whole new world of capabilities for the technology.

“Though not a perfect analogy, plugins can be “eyes and ears” for language models, giving them access to information that is too recent, too personal, or too specific to be included in the training data,” OpenAI said.

“In response to a user’s explicit request, plugins can also enable language models to perform safe, constrained actions on their behalf, increasing the usefulness of the system overall.”

For $20 a month, Plus subscribers can now delegate an array of tasks to ChatGPT-4, from data visualisation and analysis to language learning, searching for a job, going shopping and getting recipes.

A user can install any number of plugins, but is capped at using three concurrently. 

OpenAI has also introduced plugins like “AskYourPDF” and “ChatWithPDF,” which allow the AI to parse through PDFs found online. 

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