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Omeo Property Group’s vision coming to fruition

When Omeo Property Group launched in June this year, they had a clear vision of delivering an exceptional customer experience for buyers and sellers in Perth’s southern coastal region.

One hundred days after partnering with the Agents’Agency to open their doors, that vision is well and truly coming to life.

Directors Joss Egerton, Kaj Arora and David Bombara explain the brand is steadily building momentum, with listing and sales volumes progressively increasing.

“Our aim is to list 100 properties in the first 12 months and it looks like we’re on track to do just that,” David says.

With decades of industry experience between them, the trio know all too well it takes time and persistence to gain and build market share.

But it’s a commitment they were more than willing to embrace.

“Going from one office to another is always a transition,” David says.

“But the Agents’Agency has been incredible every step of the way.”

Joss says it’s the Agents’Agency’s ability to assist and adapt that has impressed them the most, with help at hand whenever they need it.

“Everybody at Agents’Agency has been so helpful,” he reflects.

“They’re open with their communication and have an ability to adapt that’s really refreshing.”

Kaj notes the support of the Agents’Agency has streamlined the journey to becoming business owners, making it highly efficient and straightforward.

“We can always count on their unwavering support,” she says.

“In my view, having Agents’Agency on board has enabled us to concentrate more on generating business, rather than expending our efforts on establishing new business processes.”

Meanwhile, the directors say part of the allure of the Agents’Agency was the ability to tap into a network of like-minded real estate peers.

“There’s this safety net where you can call someone to run things past them,” David says.

“I’ve called others and had great chats and I hope those who have called me have also benefitted as it’s very, very helpful.”

The Omeo brand is all about creating a bespoke real estate service for a thriving local market, and even the name is a nod to the community they serve, referencing the famous Omeo shipwreck just off Coogee beach.

Together, the agents have been tapping into their collective expertise to showcase the brand’s point of difference, which involves offering a people-first approach where no touchpoint is overlooked in the quest to ensure a positive and stress-free real estate experience.

Kaj says that philosophy is already resonating with their marketplace and they hope to capitalise on it further in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the trio are excited to access the wealth of training available to Agents’Agency members, including one-on-one mentoring, 12-month ‘personal best’ programs, and a whole lot more.

And for now, the Omeo Property Group directors say are thrilled with their decision to launch their own brand, and it wasn’t one they made lightly after investigating several different real estate models and networks.

“We’d 100 per cent do it again,” they say.

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