New webinar reveals how to successfully prioritise agency legals

“Having gone out on my own to start a business, I also know how difficult it can be to take out time to prioritise your business’ legals,” Ms Porter said.

“However, to protect your agency, you need to make it legally unbreakable.”

Ms Porter said it is understandable to feel a little overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing and the legal side is a scary part of running a business that some choose to ignore or push aside.

Agents want peace of mind knowing their assets are protected from any legal time restrictions, to keep on top of the ever changing agency laws, and to protect themselves from any and all agency legal traps.

Ms Porter noted agents often spend thousands of dollars on traditional lawyers, so they are not constantly worried about legal leaks.

However, she said there are certain skills an agent can learn to help them focus and prioritise legals in a way that can suit any agency’s budget, time and/or needs.

She recommends creating an asset shield to protect the agency. The goal of asset protection is to insulate assets from third party claims.

Ms Porter also suggests future proofing relationships with staff, clients and businesses with simple legal procedures.

Ms Porter urges anybody who is looking at managing their agency legals to join O*No live for their upcoming webinar on 5 August at 10:30am.

Source: O*No Legal

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