New ActivePipe development takes real estate lead generation to the next level

With agents focused on servicing the booming housing market, overlooked longer term opportunities in their database can slip through the cracks.

Property consumers crave personalised service and are willing to switch to competing agencies – so failing to service clients adequately becomes a serious barrier to growth, according to Australian real estate digital marketing platform ActivePipe.

ActivePipe’s new product, Grow enables agents to maintain their many client relationships at scale, while also recognising a contact’s digital behaviour to identify the best opportunities in their database.

Released as part of major ActivePipe updates, Grow helps automate end-to-end lead generation and client nurturing for agents and agencies.

ActivePipe’s The Trust Report research found that 39 per cent of leads are lost in a typical real estate agency, which in a database of 3000 contacts, is equivalent to 60 listings.

Based on the median Australian house price and a commission of 2.5 per cent, that’s the equivalent to $1.4 million in commission being lost per agency.

The latest ActivePipe release is a significant step-change that delivers technology to make lives easier for real estate agents and to plug this gap in the sales funnel without giving them additional work to do.

The change means agents can incorporate their one-to-one prospecting, listing and selling, confident in the knowledge that the hard work of nurturing leads and delivering buyer services at scale is being handled expertly behind the scenes.

ActivePipe CEO, Ashley Farrugia, said the restructure creates three separate but linked products called Connect, Nurture, and Grow.

Each offers solutions aligned to the digital marketing challenges that agencies face at different stages of maturity, with price points and inclusions that reflect the different structures and goals of those agents and agencies.

The top tier product Grow, is an all-in-one lead generation system designed to unlock the millions of dollars of commission sitting in agents’ contact databases by identifying and activating the opportunities ready to act.

“Inside every agent’s contact list there are hundreds of leads and untapped potential commissions that most agents and agencies struggle to tap into,” Ms Farrugia said.

“Our new product suite makes it easy to connect with those contacts and creates engaging relationships, turning them into clients in a way that is highly effective and feels very personal to the person on the receiving end.”

Recent research by Accenture found that 83 per cent of consumers are willing to share their data to receive a more personalised experience. People that don’t feel they are getting personalised service are not shy about switching to competitors that use technology to deliver a more relevant and useful experience.

Learn more about ActivePipe Grow here.

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