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Mel Robbins: how the ‘Let Them’ theory will help you gain control and grow

Did you just miss a listing you thought you were a shoo-in for?

Or perhaps a tenant is being particularly difficult right now and you can’t get them and your landlord to meet in the middle.

In real estate, as in many areas of life, it’s easy to become consumed by the things you can’t control.

But for top coach, author and speaker, Mel Robbins, there’s a surprisingly simple technique that will not only ease your anxiety but hand you control back.

It’s called the ‘Let Them’ theory.

“If your friends are not inviting you out to brunch this weekend, let them,” Mel says.

“If the person that you’re really attracted to is not interested in a commitment, let them.

“if your kids do not want to get up an d go to that thing uh with you this week let them.

“So much time and energy is wasted on forcing other people to match our expectations and the truth is, if somebody, especially somebody, you’re dating or who’s a friend or somebody you’re trying to partner with in business, if they are not showing up how you need them to show up do not try to force them to change.

“Let them be themselves because they are revealing who they are to you. Just let them and then you get to choose what you do next”

The three top lessons on Mel Robbin’s ‘Let Them’ theory are:

  1. Letting go of control: The main lesson from the ‘Let Them’ is to release the need to control other people’s actions and choices. Instead of trying to force others to conform to your expectations, it encourages you to accept and allow them to be themselves.
  2. Creating peace and ease: Practicing the theory can bring more peace and ease into your life. By relinquishing control and surrendering to the reality that you cannot change others, you can experience a greater sense of inner calm and detachment from unnecessary struggles and emotional turmoil.
  3. Personal responsibility: The theory emphasises the importance of focusing on yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions and choices. It encourages you to shift your attention from trying to change others to focusing on your own growth, happiness, and creating positive experiences in your life. It reminds you that you can only control yourself and not others.

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