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Mel Robbins: A masterclass on dealing with change

There’s no doubt that change is difficult and some people cope with it better than others.

But according to change and motivation expert, speaker and author, Mel Robbins, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this YouTube from The Mel Robbins Podcast, Mel explains her three-step approach to making transitions smoothly, so you can embrace the opportunity change presents, rather than remain stuck in s cycle of worry.

Step 1: Shift

This step is all about changing your perspective and self-talk.

When faced with change, it’s common for fear and discomfort to arise, and these emotions can trigger avoidance behaviours.

Instead of succumbing to avoidance, Mel suggests talking to yourself as if you were your best friend.

This means being compassionate and understanding towards yourself.

Acknowledge the fear and discomfort, but also remind yourself of your capabilities and resilience.

When you shift your perspective and self-talk, you create a more empowering mindset to navigate change.

Step 2: Approach

The second step is about embracing discomfort and leaning into the emotions that come with transition.

Change often brings uncertainty and the fear of the unknown, and it’s natural to want to avoid these feelings.

However, Mel emphasises the importance of sitting with the discomfort and allowing yourself to experience it fully.

Avoiding discomfort only prolongs the process and it can hinder your personal growth.

Approaching the discomfort head-on allows you to open yourself up to valuable lessons and opportunities for self-discovery.

Step 3: Align

In the final step, Mel highlights the significance of identifying and prioritising your core values.

During times of change, your values may be questioned, and it’s essential to understand what truly matters to you.

By knowing your core values, you can make decisions and take actions that align with these values, providing a sense of direction and purpose during the transition.

Aligning your actions with your values allows you to create a solid foundation to navigate the change more effectively.

Remember, change can be challenging, but it also presents a chance for positive transformation and the discovery of new strengths and possibilities.

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