Mathew and Brooke Iuliano Partner with UrbanX

Committed to staying ahead of the industry, Mathew and Brooke Iuliano are leveraging the support of UrbanX, launching the progressive agency, Mavis.

Founded in Newcastle, NSW, the team has created a real estate brand focused on being at the forefront of the industry. 

After a couple of years of tossing up the decision to leave the traditional agency model, the Mavis team can’t help but wish they did it sooner. 

“Everyone we have worked with at UrbanX has honestly been so invested in us succeeding, the staff are so full of knowledge, no question has been too large or too small…I cannot say enough how happy we have been and how supported we feel,” Mr Iuliano said.

Ultimately the pair decided to partner with UrbanX as it allowed them to focus on what they truly love, listing and selling property.

Partnering with the platform enabled the team to embrace their creativity and their own way of working and serving their valued clients.

The tipping point behind the move was not much different from many others making the same shift.

“Being restrained from being creative and not being able to implement what we know works and is in the best interest of our clients,” Mr Iuliano said.

Now with the pair having successfully built their own brand, with all the back-end work taken care of (and finally getting the credit for their own work), the team is most excited to, “provide an amazing and unmatched service to our clients doing this our way and building something very special”.  

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