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Manos Findikakis: Build an empire

When you set an audacious goal to ‘build an empire,’ every day becomes day one. On day one, you are enthusiastic. On day one you are filled with energy. On day one you take risks. On day one you make it happen.

Building an empire requires that optimistic approach that every day becomes day one. The same applies when building a real estate practice. 

Reaching the multimillion-dollar mark requires the application of high-value disciplines repeated day in, day out. It’s a matter of removing the busy work and replacing it with high-impact activities.

We live in a fast paced and unforgiving world. It demands that you bring and play at your best every day. Second chances are rare. Here are what the best are doing to build their empires:

  1. Day one starts the night before. It’s a pre-planned event that’s not left to chance.
  2. Morning and afternoon team huddles. Short, fast and to the point. The morning sets the scene for the day; the afternoon is to review results and prepare for the next.
  3. What gets measured gets done. The calls, the appointments, the conversions. Numbers predict the future and keep the business on track.
  4. Appointments first. It’s the whole point of every activity. Appraisals to listings and buyers to offers.
  5. Critical conversations. Small talk and feel-good conversations don’t get the job done. Outcomes are a reflection of one’s ability to direct and control the conversation.
  6. Zero tolerance for distractions. Valuing that the hours in each day are a limited non-renewable resource which you cannot afford to squander.
  7. Working in flow. It just doesn’t happen. It takes personal daily routines such as journaling, reviewing goals, and vision boards, meditation, exercise and gratitude. These set the physical state to get the work done.
  8. Protect the mindset and energy. Each day often brings with it challenges. The best approach them with a positive attitude and make the best of each situation. Negativity does not form part of the success formula.

The above is a concise snapshot of what empire builders do on a consistent basis. The size of the enterprise is relative to the ambition of the individual. 

Most importantly building a successful business of any sort requires a team. No matter what size, you cannot shrink yourself to greatness and you cannot do everything yourself. 

Surrounding yourself with an effective team leverages results.

We are living through a golden era that will see empires born. It is an environment that is primed for individuals to claim their mark and create something extraordinary. It starts with making every day, day one.

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