Looking back, moving forward: Manos and Maria Findikakis

The founders of Eview look back on an unexpected year and focus on 2021

2020 has been a watershed year. There have been unexpected hurdles, times to check in on what really matters, to reassess our goals and look towards a hopeful future.

In the final issue of our magazine for 2020, we asked some of our industry leaders how they found the past year, and what they’re looking forward to in 2021.

2020 in one word?


Give us some highlights?

Fortunately, our business was well-positioned and equipped for the transition to total virtual operations.

However, that was from a business-to-business perspective, having built an organisation to be able to operate from a central head office location in Melbourne and service our teams (and more particularly interstate teams) remotely.

Our shift in operation was to extend the virtual tools we used internally to our end clients, those being sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants.

The foundations in technology were there, and it was inspirational to see our sales agents and property managers adapt so quickly to use those same tools and think outside the box to service their clients.

On a personal note, it was an opportunity to be able to take the time out to focus on personal goals and long-term objectives, including health and family relationships.

The ability to slow down and reflect on what is truly important and enjoy a change of pace was very welcome.

What will you leave in 2020?

Sweating the small stuff. COVID-19 highlighted that sweating the small stuff robs you of living in the moment, and being grateful for the smallest of things in life.

What worked for you in 2020?

Staying extremely positive and only focusing on what we could control.

We were able to take advantage and be open to different possibilities and opportunities.

What’s your focus for 2021?

We believe 2021 will be the beginning of our century’s ‘Roaring 20s’ and our focus will be to diversify and establish additional and alternative revenue streams for our agents and property managers.

To keep on track and focused, we have built a roadmap with key milestones and set a budgeted research and development plan to assess viable business opportunities. 

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