Local expertise meets opportunity: earn more and set your own real estate rules

Sitting in a lounge room opposite a potential home seller, One Percent agents offer an undeniable money-in-the-bank difference.

“Sell your home for 1.5 per cent with included marketing.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking this means a commission reduction for the agent.

Instead, One Percent agents are earning more now than they did working with a traditional agency.

One Percent Property Sales is currently seeking established agents, with proven track records and an in-depth knowledge of their local area, to join their team.

An offer with a point of difference

Director, Aaron Lau, explained that the One Percent business model and agent model are different from many other agencies. They offer home sellers a better deal and give agents a larger slice of the pie.

“We charge 1.5 per cent commission – when, in Queensland, the average commission is 2.5 per cent to 3 per cent,” he said.

“We only take a small split, because we’ve changed how things are typically done. We have a central head office and agents work locally in their areas. 

“We’ve also developed our own in-house technology platforms and automation to streamline admin, marketing, and contracts.

“As a result, our agents keep a larger piece of the pie and earn a similar dollar amount per transaction than if they were working in a traditional office.”

It’s easy to get started

The recruitment drive comes after One Percent reworked its agent offering last year, making it easier for agents to join the team. 

They have removed monthly fees, sundries and onboarding costs.

“Our original agent model required agents to pay monthly fees and a range of other things and we got rid of that,” Mr Lau said. 

“Now, we’ve moved to a simple split model, with no monthly fees, and it is much easier for agents to join. 

“There are no start-up costs and, and we provide a full onboarding kit with all of the marketing collateral an agent needs to secure their first listing.”

New headshots, business cards, open home flags and an a-frame are all part of the supplied collateral, Mr Lau said.

“We even pay for a letterbox drop of 5000 brochures in an agent’s local area – printed and dropped,” he said.

“On top of this, we provide three days of dedicated onboarding training to ensure each agent is equipped and ready to hit the ground running.”

Be your own boss

Mr Lau said combining a great offer with an experienced agent meant One Percent agents attracted significant attention.

“When agents join us, they usually increase their volume of sales because they’re getting in more living rooms,” he said.

“Once they’re there, they’re converting more business because of the genuine point of difference with the commission, and the service offering.”

One of the other key points of difference with One Percent is no agent KPIs, sales meetings, or caravans, giving agents the freedom and flexibility to set their own targets and schedules. 

Mr Lau said this has been one of the greatest drawcards for One Percent agents, along with the commission offer.

“Our agents love the flexibility to run their own show,” he said.

“We’re all human, we all have busy lives, and we all have different priorities. There are no KPIs to meet and no imposed structure to their day. 

“They run their business in a way that works around their life and commitments. They’re ultimately responsible for their earning capacity. 

“We’re here to support them to do their thing.”

Importance of being a local agent

Despite the innovative commission offering, Mr Lau said One Percent’s focus remained on securing quality agents with experience in their local area.

“It doesn’t negate the fact and one of the things that’s really important to us, is we have great agents that work with us,” he said.

“All of our agents are traditional agents, they are all great at what they do.”

He said One Percent knew vendors wanted to place their faith in a trusted local agent.

“One of the most important things is that our agents are local agents, and they actually know and live their area,” he said.

“Homeowners want someone who knows their market.”

One Percent Property Sales is on a recruitment drive to find experienced, local agents who want to swap their current traditional way of working for a new take on real estate. 

A unique offer to your customers, a larger commission split for the agents, and the freedom and flexibility to operate on your own schedule.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit or call Aaron Lau on 0434 271 585 to discuss your opportunity.

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