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Listing Loop now offers conveyancing to further deliver qualified buyers to agents 

Top Australian off-market and pre-market property portal has partnered with leading licensed law firm Bond Conveyancing to offer conveyancing as part of the company’s goal of delivering ‘Buyer Ready’ high-intent and qualified property buyers to its real estate agent members.

Under the brand name of Conveyancing Loop, the company’s custom-built technology has opened new opportunities to further support more buyers and agents.

By offering affordable and convenient step-by-step property solutions, Listing Loop helps buyers become officially ‘Buyer Ready’ while saving agents valuable time by putting their property listings directly in front of ready to transact buyers. 

While Listing Loop continues to specialise in the growing off-market and pre-market category, which has seen the company experience a 300 per cent surge in property listing growth and a 59 per cent increase in active agents and agencies using the platform, AI-powered technology identifies the specific stage a buyer is at within their property purchasing journey.

Agents receive access to analytical buyer information including a scoring system to identify priority leads at a glance. 

Chief Executive Officer of Listing Loop, Rhett Dallwitz said, “Launching Conveyancing Loop is an exciting milestone in our business as we strive to make the overall property journey easier, simpler and less stressful with expert guidance along the way”.

“By helping buyers get ‘Buyer Ready’ we also support agents by allowing them to prioritise leads that help them transact faster.

“We are proud to partner with the experienced team at Bond Conveyancing who share the same commitment and passion as us.

“They are as obsessed as we are about using technology to simplify the process but never at the expense of human interaction and personalised service, especially given that each situation is unique and that there’s different conveyancing laws and regulations in each state.” 

Bond Conveyancing is a Melbourne-based law firm which currently operates in Victoria, NSW and Queensland and with plans underway for a national rollout.

Bond operates with a B2B2C model that is designed to take the friction out of the property settlement process for buyers, sellers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Conveyancing Loop offers conveyancing services for property buyers from contract review through to settlement, as well as conveyancing services for property sellers such as sale contract preparation and fulfilment of the legal requirements around property settlement and transfer.

For agents, the ability to quickly and easily identify Listing Loop members that have their conveyancing needs sorted, supports them in getting deals done faster.

Principal Lawyer and Co-Founder of Bond Conveyancing, Rex Afrasiabi said, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Listing Loop who share our desire to provide a more efficient and low stress property settlement process while offering the best possible service for clients”.

“We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour SLAs for contract reviews and new contract preparation, subject to searches.”

Co-Founder of Bond Conveyancing, Bill Nikolouzakis added, “Our technology-first approach maximises visibility for all the key parties involved in a transaction, whether you’re a buyer, seller, agent or mortgage broker”.

“Together we will deliver a seamless service with real-time updates and 24/7 access so that a client can check on the status of a case at any time and download documents when it’s convenient for them.”

The mission of Conveyancing Loop is to simplify the conveyancing process with easy-to-use technology and personalised service. 

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