Lisa Novak: Five social media tactics to employ to attract buyers (and sellers!)

Lisa Novak is one of the early adopters of selling property via her social media accounts. Here, Lisa Novak has revealed her top five tactics to enhance your social media engagement.

Forget about the followers

That’s right! The reality is you don’t need thousands of followers on your social media, you just need a few hundred of the right types of followers. Don’t get caught up in the ‘fake news’ of needing to have 10,000+ followers.

I only had a few hundred followers when I first started successfully listing and selling property right off my social media for Novak Properties.

Give people a reason to follow you

Sorry to say, putting a ‘sold’ sticker onto your social media is not going to promote engagement from your followers.

Work out who your audience is and give them the relevant content. For me, my followers are mostly buyers.

They get to see property first on my social media before it launches to the major real estate portals and have the option to buy it there. That’s a great reason for my followers to follow me.

Raw, authentic content is key

Social media loves video content because it gives more truthful insights into who the person really is, rather than yet another overly-edited, smiling selfie.

Raw content is great and your audience will respect the authenticity. You don’t need filters and fancy content.

It’s far more important that you go live as you’ll get big brownie points from Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm. They love it and so does your audience.

You also don’t need a whole lot of expensive gadgets, just use your phone! Great lighting and perhaps a lapel mic might be a good investment once you gain some experience and momentum.

Consistency is key – There are no one hit wonders with social media

Don’t post once and assume social media never worked. You need to be posting regularly for social media to work.

For me, I’m spending around three to five hours per day on my social media!

If you’re just getting started, try and get started on 15 minutes per day. But it must be every single day.

From experience, the effort definitely pays off. I now sell around 70 per cent of my stock via social media for record prices and 95 per cent of my appraisals are now generated as a result of social media.

To boost or not to boost?

Remember the days of newspaper advertising where a tiny ad would cost around $1200? Social media is the opposite.

It’s incredibly cheap advertising. I say boost away! Spending about $30 to $50 per boosted post will get you a very decent reach.

Try keeping your posts to a tight three to five-kilometre radius around your area, which can be adjusted for each post.

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