Justine Wilson: How to keep a property looking fresh on the market after Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching, and homeowners looking to sell their properties are eager to attract potential buyers.

However, one common concern among sellers is that homes that were on the market during the festive season might appear outdated by the time January and February roll around.

After all, those cheerful Christmas decorations and styling can quickly make your listing look stale once the holiday season is over.

To address this issue, here are my top tips for pre-Christmas styling that will allow your vendors’ homes to maintain their appeal well into the new year.

Relocate the Christmas tree for photos

My number one tips is to keep the Christmas tree out of the main shots when taking listing photos.

This way, the property won’t be instantly associated with the holiday season and show that it has been on the market for some time.

If the tree is located in a central area, don’t fret – it can be moved with ease. Simply wrap the base of the tree in a large garbage bag and secure it with tape.

This way, you can lift and relocate the tree without losing the precious decorations.

Opt for a neutral palette

If moving the tree for photos isn’t feasible, decorate it in a more neutral palette.

This approach shifts the focus from the decorations to the room’s features, creating a less seasonal and more timeless appearance for the listing.

Transition to festive-neutral decor after Christmas

While it’s not a deal-breaker to have Christmas decorations in marketing photos, it’s important to pack everything away promptly after the holidays.

Aim for January 6th, which is typically when potential buyers return to the market.

Make sure your vendor’s home is decor-free during open inspections to appeal to a broader audience and avoid giving the impression that the property has been on the market for an extended period.

Keep outdoor decorations tasteful

It’s essential to be mindful of outdoor decorations during the holiday season. Many people drive by a listing to take a look prior to an open.

Your vendors should avoid gaudy or overly festive items such as large blow-up Santas, excessive snowflakes, or flashing multicoloured lights.

Instead, opt for tasteful and subtle outdoor decorations that won’t overwhelm prospective buyers.

Warm white fairy lights can add a touch of seasonal magic without detracting from your property’s overall appeal.

Refresh and declutter post-holidays

To ensure the home stays fresh and inviting for both new and returning buyers, perform a general declutter and tidy-up post Christmas so they can see the home both in normal seasons and how it presents during the holidays at its best.

This will help the property showcase its year-round charm and present its best face to potential buyers.

By following these tips, you and your vendors can strike a balance between celebrating the season and presenting their home as an attractive prospect for potential buyers throughout the year.

So, go ahead and add a touch of Christmas cheer – just remember to take it down promptly when the \ festivities are over.

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Justine Wilson

Justine Wilson is the director and owner of Vault Interiors. She has a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Technology Sydney – and an impressive history of experience over the years in styling and staging homes for sale.