Jimmy Burgess: why comfort is a killer

Comfort is the enemy of growth according to top US real estate agent and coach Jimmy Burgess.

In one of the latest clips on the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida CEO’s YouTube channel, he explains the five key comforts that could be killing agents’ real estate businesses.

  1. The comfort of a good market

Jimmy says we’ve just come out of a market better than what we’re currently in and some agents could be tempted to rest on their laurels.

“Don’t allow the comfort of the past to hurt your future,” he advises. 

  1. The comfort of past success

On a similar note, Jimmy says past success can stop you from reaching the next level if you let it.

“You didn’t come this far to stop here,” he says.

“If you allow the comfort of having some success, getting a little soft, forgetting the basics that you did back in the past, that’s one of those things that can absolutely lead to destruction.”

  1. The comfort of a large database

It might seem like a large database could only be a good thing, but Jimmy says if it’s not being effectively communicated with, it’s little more than a list of names.

“Make sure you’re adding value to that database, and don’t settle for just having that list sitting on the shelf,” he says.

  1. The comfort of having one great lead source

Jimmy says relying on one lead source is risky, particularly as market and business climates can change quickly.

“Make sure you’re balancing by having multiple different lead sources coming into your business,” he says.

  1. The comfort of having more money than ever

It sounds like an oxymoron but Jimmy says when agents feel comfortable they risk taking their “foot off the gas”.

“Discomfort is the comfort of having more money than you’ve ever had,” he says.

“If you’re going to continue to have success, you have to understand that you’re either growing or you’re dying.” 

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