Jasmyn Calgaro: How to successfully launch your real estate career

In less than seven years, high-performing agent Jasmyn Calgaro of Ray White Nepean Group has gone from starting out in the industry to completing more than 130 deals last year.

Jasmyn puts much of her success down to her ability to work incredibly hard early on, including door-knocking an entire suburb and a continued focus on hitting her numbers.

In this interview with Ray White Group Head of Performance, Tim Snell, Jasmyn explains how she’s been able to skyrocket her business in such as short space of time, and the processes and systems she’s put in place to be able to scale to over 100 sales.

Jasmyn talks about the value of getting in front of as many people as you can, particularly early on in your career, and the power of door knocking.

She also tells us how she was able to use creative social marketing and strategies such as giveaways to win more appraisals.

If you’re looking to rapidly grow your business or if you’re trying to make your way in the industry, this episode is for you.

“What I love about real estate is the harder you work, the more you can be successful and I thrive off that.” – Jasmyn Calgaro

Jasmyn and Tim also discuss:

  • Why it’s important to select the right agency when you start out to make sure you’re around people who want you to succeed and can help inspire you to improve.
  • The importance of focusing on your connects and how that allows the rest of the process to fall into place.
  • Why the small wins help you build momentum when you’re early on in your career and how it can help when you’re trying to connect with people.
  • How to leverage social media to get in front of people by using giveaways and creative marketing ideas.
  • The importance of trying to help people first and over-service them, because while you might not receive anything immediately, down the track you’ll benefit.
  • The importance of having a core market and servicing that location better than your competition.
  • Why you need to make sacrifices and do the hard things early on in your career, so you don’t have to do them for the rest of your life.
  • The value of taking detailed notes of the people you interact with, even the children’s and pet’s names, as it will help build relationships far quicker and will make a bigger impact.
  • How to scale to 100-plus sales per year by implementing simple yet effective systems that always over-service both vendors and prospective buyers.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a freelance journalist specialising in finance and real estate.