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Industry Supplier Update: Rockend and PropertyTree

We caught up with Rockend's CEO, Alister Maple-Brown, to talk about what's new with PropertyTree, how its new API will help property managers, and upcoming trends in the industry.


My name’s Alister Maple-Brown. I’m the CEO here at Rockend.

Q. What’s new for PropertyTree?

So in terms of what’s coming up with PropertyTree, we’re opening up our inspection section of PropertyTree to multiple different inspection app providers through an API. That’s happening at the moment, and that’s to be released in the coming month.

And also with Invoice Genius, this whole new method of managing and extracting data from documents, specifically invoices, automating that whole process. So Invoice Genius will be released in the second quarter of this financial year, so that’s October.

Q. How will the new API help property managers?

The concept of an API is an Application Programming Interface. It’s a set of instructions that one software provider gives to another software provider. What it does is it allows the property manager to leverage fantastic pieces of intellectual property or fantastic applications that are out in the marketplace, and use those to save time.

Q. How will upcoming trends change the industry?

So we see it every day, and it’s not really a new trend, but it’s just evolving so rapidly and enhancing is mobile. So as consumers and as business people, we expect to be able to access information anywhere at any time, and to be able to have a rich, functional experience, because it makes us so much more productive in everything that we do.

The second piece I think is integration. There are so many wonderful pieces of technology, it’s critical that all providers work together to integrate, to then ultimately create wonderful end solutions.

In regards to things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, I think we’re seeing lots of small pieces out in consumer-land, and whether it be artificial or bot bots helping you schedule meetings in a very human like way. There’s a wonderful service called which helps schedule meetings, and people think that it’s a real human, but it’s actually not.

Machine learning, as I mentioned earlier with Invoice Genius, is going to be critical to being able to read and predict and further automate a lot of the automation that’s already there. But leveraging all of the different information that’s coming from different areas, aggregate that, and improve the speed at which processes can be done.

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