Imogen Callister: Triple your business with text

Do you remember the olden days?

The days where a phone sat on a wall. You would have to walk to it, to make a call or receive one.

Fast forward to the 90s and mobile phones became popular during the cellphone revolution. 

In 1990, the number of mobile users was about 11 million worldwide and by 2020, that number had risen to a whopping 2.5 billion. 

One part of the cellular revolution was the ability to message people at any time.

On December 3, 1992, British software architect Neil Papworth sent the first text message, which noted “Merry Christmas,” to Vodafone Director Richard Jarvis, who was celebrating his work Christmas party.

Today, an average of 23 billion texts are sent each day. This translates to 270,000 texts every second.

So why am I giving you this history lesson? 

Well, times have changed. It turns out we’ve gone from loving being able to be contacted at any time, to ignoring calls if we don’t know who’s calling.

A recent survey found 87 per cent of respondents ignore phone calls from unknown numbers “often” or “very often.” 

And more so, they are even less likely to check voicemails frequently. 

As an agent you may now be asking yourself, ‘why do I make so many calls?’

It’s a good question.

If you’re still punching out the good old, “do your 100 calls a day,” I’m here to tell you it could almost be pointless.

Well, that’s if your mobile number isn’t saved in the prospect’s phone.

So how do you become a forward-thinking agent in 2023 and plan for the future?

The answer is easy. Social media and text messages

The problem is, most agents assume a listed message or a sold one is the key to text message prospecting. But it’s so far from it. 

I recently launched a text message prospecting arm to my business, targeting numbers on social media and texting them at the same time.

The results are in and it’s like magic.

So here are my top tools to master your text message and social media plan.

Fast track data 

There are amazing companies that can help you buy or collect data. This is key to helping you secure mobile numbers to text. 

Understand the power of Facebook ads

Secure vendor paid advertising for your listings and use a social media strategist who knows how to target to your marketplace. This will help those people you are texting identify who you are and help increase appraisal uptake.

Text message funnels

Stop sending listed texts to neighbours. The large majority own a home in the suburb and they aren’t interested in another that’s been listed. 

Instead, use strategically crafted messages talking about the market while also offering a price update. 

For example, “The spring property market has seen a spike in buyer interest return to (SUBURB), which is driving prices locally. Would you like me to provide you with a property price update?”

Remove real estate jargon

You understand what DLUG means. But no one else does.

When you offer a ‘property appraisal’, most people would have no idea what you’re offering them.

Remove jargon from all of your templates and redraft them.

Not all texts need to be about securing an appraisal

Offer key information on the market along with a suburb performance report.

Remember, real estate is a long-term game. It’s all about nurturing your pipeline.

If prospects don’t answer, if they send you a property enquiry or if you’ve just left a listing appointment, send them a text to show you care and offer a point of difference in your communication.

Have a 12-month plan

Once you start to master the art of your text funnels, those in your pipeline or appraisal list need to go on a 12-month plan.

What text message funnel can you create to nurture them on what’s happening in the market? 

If people are less likely to take a call from an unknown number, you can change the way you reach your clients and be more useful and efficient at the same time, simply by texting them.

What you’re reading now is text. So transform using text in your business and watch it triple! 

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Imogen Callister

Imogen Callister is the owner of The Media Coach.