Hutly updates VicForms platform to boost productivity and data accuracy

Hot on the heels of Hutly’s acquisition of Property Data last week, the digital signature provider is today releasing an update to the VicForms platform that introduces a property-centric way of working with real estate contracts.

The update brings autocomplete address functionality to VicForms documents, allowing VicForms subscribers to ensure documents are sent for signing with government-validated addresses – a win for productivity and data accuracy.

The release also brings a simplified dashboard view of properties that have either active agreements and authorities or documents out for signing.

Further, they can be filtered according to the area of specialisation, so property managers and sales agents can focus on the properties and documents that relate to their area.

“This is the first major step in Hutly’s progress towards the ‘Living Contract’ vision,” Hutly General Manager, Go-To-Market and Product, Joel Roberts said.

“The new Hutly-powered property feature provides details on the property, including the full VicForms contract history for the agency, and supports simplified workflow actions that let VicForms users create the next agreement or authority based on the state of the existing agreement,” he said.

That means if an exclusive sale authority has been executed against a property, the agent will be given the ability to generate the contract of sale against that property – a process which will see the core information copied into the new document, saving time and reducing the risk of data entry issues.

The release is available to all VicForms subscribers now.

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