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How to win more listings, and sell them faster

A select group of 50 agencies across Australia and New Zealand have discovered a way to publish dozens of eye-catching, automatically created and highly targeted ads to Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network with a single click. It’s called Spoke, and it’s a game changer.

Spoke gets your ads in front of more people by targeting highly active segments of property buyers and sellers using an advanced targeting algorithm.

“It’s managed to reach a demographic we didn’t think possible,” says Robert Freeman, Sales Associate at Ray White New Farm.

“We advertised a multi-million dollar listing in Clayfield through Spoke, and a man in his 50s – who wasn’t actively looking to buy, and knew nothing about the suburb – saw it on Instagram, came to the inspection, and now we’re working with him to put an offer together.”

It’s no secret that social media is more effective, less intrusive and a better use of your marketing spend. However, many of our Rex CRM users told us it was hugely time-consuming to create and manage effective advertising campaigns, and expensive to outsource. As a product house, our goal is to create simple, smart software solutions that solve complex problems – just like this one.

An in-house ad campaign manager without the expense

Spoke streamlines the creation of highly-targeted ads for listings, agencies and agents using specially optimised campaign workflows – and then publishes those ads across multiple networks. Our marketing experts have analysed Facebook users’ online behaviour and demographical data to create real-estate specific audience segments, so potential sellers and buyers only see the ads most likely to appeal to them. We also use their behaviour on social media to target them with ads across the Google Display Network.

Then, Spoke’s ad performance formula uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to tweak ads and audiences during the campaign, so you don’t have to manually check what’s working or not. Spoke also keeps vendors in the loop with real-time reports that show how the campaign has performed – minimising the time agents spend updating their clients.

Users say this homegrown solution beats similar products on the market

The intelligent functionality has already reaped fantastic results for a large group of LJ Hooker offices in the ACT. The group previously tried two other social advertising products and experienced a slew of problems with both – including issues with the core system, inconsistent charging and support staff operating in different time zones, making quick fixes impossible.

“These issues may seem minor, but when they’re repeated over 8 offices it quickly becomes an avalanche of negative feedback,” says Lisa Rock of LJ Hooker Gungahlin.

Since Spoke became available, they’ve created hundreds of campaigns – and everyone involved is a fan.

“Our Campaign Managers are extremely competent with the system after only a 10-minute training session, and our Accounts Managers are loving that invoices are auto-generated and available for download in an instant,” she says.

“And our Vendors are starting to compliment us on it.”

It’s a win-win, benefiting both agents and vendors

Nic Ebert, Senior Sales Consultant at Harcourts is also winning vendors over with the beautiful ads he’s created through Spoke.

“We are selling them like a storm lately, and have another 5 to load in coming weeks,” he says.

“And we got a new listing due to the advertising! A local homeowner asked me to appraise her house after noticing that I was running multiple property ads across Facebook and Instagram.”

That’s the beauty of advertising with Spoke – every campaign helps increase brand awareness, to help you impress potential vendors and win more listings.

Agency and agent campaigns are obviously designed to increase your digital presence, but even listing campaigns – which are usually charged as vendor paid advertising – put your brand in front of potential sellers. Ray White New Farm’s recent listing campaign received 2,016 clicks – all of which were directed back to the listing on their website, rather than the portals. The Agency, 4one4 Real Estate and a number of sole agent offices have all achieved similar results.

Spoke is currently in a closed beta limited to 50 agencies, however, will be openly available in the coming weeks. Register your interest at to be first in line.

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Anton Babkov

Anton Babkov is CEO of Rex - a team of entrepreneurs taking complex problems and untangling them into simple, usable products for the real estate sector.