How to make your display suite an ‘Instagrammable moment’

Every time someone visits your display suite presents a huge opportunity to reach a whole community via their social media platforms. How? By creating ‘Instagrammable moments.’

The thinking behind everything we do now—whether it’s an event, a social media post or an experience—is, ‘will somebody shoot that?’ ‘Will somebody share that?’ ‘How are we going to build our brand visually and tell our story?’ 

The visual is now the new press release.

For developers and agents, the display suite environment is the perfect place to give visitors a reason to ‘share’ their experience with their friends, family and fans, by creating a moment they simply must capture visually.

We can’t always directly measure a link from Instagram posts to generating a sale, but we could also say the same for other marketing activity. 

Nevertheless, social media—when done well—can undoubtedly drive brand awareness on a relatively cost-effective level.

Many often assume that younger audiences are only inclined to post to social media. Admittedly, they’re the most active, with over 33.8 per cent of global Instagram users between the ages of 25 and 34, according to

However, it’s also important to note that  30 per cent of users are between 35 and 65+, with the balance falling between 13-24 years.

Also, despite the extensive focus on the downsizer audience recently, it’s essential not to overlook that Gen Y—aka Millennials—is one of Australian property’s largest buyer segments.

Gen Y represents 43 per cent of buyers in the next three years, according to Nielsen research. Soon, their numbers may even surpass Baby Boomers, and their growing economic power isn’t far behind. Many are entering a phase of adulthood in which purchasing property is high on the agenda.

So, how do you create an instagrammable moment? Give visitors a reason to share. 

A basic kitchen, bathroom, or light and dark fixtures and finishes boards aren’t incentive enough to shoot and share. You need to create a visual feast.

Simple yet effective examples include:

  • A huge floral display and installation by a well-known artist or florist
  • A unique food offering, such as a pop-up dessert bar 
  • A curated dream wardrobe filled with the latest designer clothes
  • A flower cart giving away bunches to visitors
  • The latest luxury vehicle release on display in the garage or driveway.

It’s allowed to be fun, visual and interactive. Traditional media has changed; social media is now vital, and it’s not going away.

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Trish Varker-Miles

Trish Varker-Miles is the Director of The Trish Nicol Agency specialising in Property and Lifestyle PR, Influencer Marketing, Events and Content Creation.