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How to kick marketing goals in 2019

As another year draws to a close, thoughts may be turning to the possibilities afforded by a few free Saturdays and the prospect of a fresh start in 2019. But while New Year’s resolutions may seem clichéd, the holiday period is certainly a good time to unwind after the spring season, to take stock and maybe, just maybe, start thinking about the coming year.

Reflection is important because it gives us a sense of what we did right and what we could do better, but it’s only half the picture. To really commit to change, it’s vital to have clear goals for the year ahead.

The goal for most of us is ultimately to reach a higher level of success each year. But how easy is that to achieve in the constantly changing real estate landscape? One company looking to provide an answer to that question is Campaigntrack, the industry leader in real estate campaign management and marketing.

“The bottom line is efficiency,” says Paul Gal, CEO of Campaigntrack’s Content Studio.

“To be successful in this environment – in an industry with so many variables – you have to know exactly what you need and the most effective way to get it.

“At its core, Campaigntrack is about streamlining the marketing process for real estate agencies and agents.”

How Campaigntrack can help

Providing a high-calibre service in photography, videography, floorplanning and copywriting, the company’s Content Studio business unit is the perfect example of this. It allows agents to not only order, schedule and automate marketing collateral through a single system, but to have the content produced by the same supplier too.

The content packages available have also been designed to accommodate different marketing budgets as much as different listings. Agents can choose varying levels of onsite service, from having a single multi-disciplined photographer/floorplanner with the more cost-effective Guru package, to the premium SWAT order, which sees a specialist copywriter join the team on site.

More evidence of this commitment to creating efficient marketing solutions is seen in Campaigntrack’s continued pursuit of innovative digital technologies. Everyone knows the power of digital marketing. Its salience has been burgeoning for some years now and it is frequently claimed that survival beyond the early 21st century hangs on a brand’s ability to embrace concepts of multi-platform engagement with consumers.

Digital floorplans

Yes, this is true. But it’s not enough merely to use digital marketing. It’s about using digital marketing efficiently.

“In the last year or two, especially, there has been a palpable shift in the way properties are listed,” explains Gal.

“While traditional marketing methods still have an important role to play in real estate, now we’re seeing some really clever use of new digital platforms, which is generating better results for the agents pioneering them.

“As a brand, we’re always striving to stay ahead of the curve, looking for the most cutting-edge digital and social developments,” Gal says.

Tailored for your business

Campaigntrack already provides agents with a fully integrated system to streamline the marketing process. Now they have tailored a range of online products catering to an increasingly digital-driven marketplace within the real estate industry.

“What we’re really striving for here is a degree of agility that you don’t see anywhere else,” Gal says.

“We’re not just identifying emerging trends in real estate marketing and social media – we have a really dedicated R&D team that is trialling these new strategies and finding the optimal platform to deliver what our clients are trying to achieve.”

The result: a suite of three new immersive products designed to maximise the time spent browsing online listings.

Digital renovator, original photo

Digital Renovator is a tool that allows the interiors and exteriors of a property to be reimagined by digitally updating multiple materials and colour schemes – everything from kitchen benchtops to roof tiles – illuminating not just what the property offers, but how it could be recreated to accommodate individual buyers’ tastes.

Virtual Tour gives visitors a 360-degree view of standout spaces within a residence, while the Digital Floorplan tool offers 2D and 3D perspectives of the entire footprint. It also provides the chance to add the viewer’s own furniture to the rooms, to virtually walk through their restyled home or even to plan possible upgrades by moving walls and repurposing rooms.

These products allow prospective buyers not just to experience the feel of the property but to visualise its future potential too. At a base level, they give interested buyers more certainty, whether via a realistic walk-through that crystallises just how spacious a floorplan really is, or by making people aware of the more personal atmosphere a new palette could reveal.

Digital renovator after

By bundling these boutique products with Campaigntrack’s existing catalogue of services, there is a real opportunity to add value to campaigns in a cost-efficient way. The idea, though, as Gal is keen to point out, isn’t just about dollar values. It’s about giving agents an understanding of what is possible and how it might help them.

“We’re not just selling products,” he explains. “We’re providing a service – making sure agents are informed about new developments, and also comfortable using the platforms available to them. We’re anticipating that within the next year these kinds of digital products will become standard as consumers come to expect a higher level of detail. We’re able to provide that level of detail, that quality of service, that point of difference right now.”

A top-performing agent in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Shane Slater of The Agency shares the same view. “Innovations in the digital world are only worthwhile for us as agents if they can be applied in a relevant, meaningful way. Our goal is to generate interest around properties and, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience, Campaigntrack’s digital products actually give us an opportunity to really customise our campaigns.

“Every listing is different, so it needs a different marketing approach. The range of tools we have at our disposal now means it’s easier to create a campaign that will resonate with certain buyers. I’m giving the right people a better chance to fall in love with each home, and from a business point of view I can choose to add weight to certain campaigns without paying for things I don’t need,” Slater says.

Plan for success

If you’re already casting an eye forward to the New Year and setting yourself the goal of reaching greater heights in 2019, it might be worth taking some time out over the holidays to reflect on the year gone. How much value have you been getting from your current marketing approach? How could your use of digital platforms lift your campaigns to new levels of engagement?

“New marketing innovations are always appearing, particularly in digital and social realms, so it’s an exciting time for us,” says Campaigntrack’s Paul Gal.

“We want to stay at the forefront of the industry as it changes, so that our clients are able to be more efficient, more cutting-edge and ultimately more successful.”

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